Thank you for sharing her story. Ghost Tours prides itself on upholding the motto 'Heritage and Hauntings'.

Ellerton was superintendent of the hospital for 28 years, retiring in 1936. they don’t give names of course – my neighbor told me !!!!!!!!!!!!! Queen Street, Brisbane City, Queensland 4000. Hi Anthony. The Broadway Hotel was listed on the Queensland Heritage Resister in 1992. The Broadway Hotel was made during a massive building boom in 19th century Brisbane, attracting accommodation for country visitors. Tho female lunatics were under the charge of two female warders. “The 200-or-so burials are documented in the Cemetery’s register. Due to recurring floods additional buildings were erected further up the hill. ABOUT THE BLOGGER: Lisa Herbert is a cemetery wanderer, journalist and author of The Bottom Drawer Book: an after death action plan, an informative and amusing workbook and funeral planning guide for those who want to prepare for the inevitable.

Insanity was seen as a disease of the brain and like any other disease required hospitalisation of patients and treatment with drugs. Hogg performed a post mortem on 20 February 1884 and declared that he suffered from “brain softening”. There is also a note signed by medical supt saying she did not want her wedding ring sold but the public curator sold it anyway as that was all she had. Some replace buildings erected during the 1970s, such as parts of the Barrett Psychiatric Centre.In 1989 the John Oxley Memorial Hospital, a special purpose secure psychiatric facility, was opened on the grounds of the Wolston Park Hospital; it has since been demolished. I said, do you want your sisters killer to go through untold misery? “Killed by a blow from a whale”: The tragedy of the Kelly family.

The table below shows that in the ten-year period between 1937/38 and 1946/47 there were 1,828 patient deaths. A large bush house, 100 yards long and 20 yards wide, was established in 1911 to maintain a steady supply of pot plants for the wards and recreation hall and to provide seedlings and young plants for the gardens throughout the asylum [no longer extant]. In the 1944/45 annual report it was reported the “cemetery has been abolished and burials are now done in the township cemetery”.

The Recreation Hall was erected in 1890 and was used as a sewing room by female patients during the days and was also available for dances, concerts and church services. I certainly have some not so fond memories that will remain with me forever, it was certainly an eye opening and traumatic experience for me in some regards.The training given by the Nurse Educators at the School of Nursing was exceptional though and steered me in the right direction towards my career as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse.
Maurice John’s early life is very sketchy and supposedly the bastard son of William John Bligh O’Connell who was the son of Sir Maurice Charles Philip O’Connell, Lieutenant Colonel of the 73rd Regiment and Lieutenant Governor of NSW. Oh my gosh! Having trawled through the Parliamentary records of the time, I’ve found no official mention of the number of exhumations. A recreation hall was erected in 1950 and a cricket oval in 1954. The photo that changed it all: a funeral, a pact and an outlandish dress.

Why were the bodies supposedly exhumed from the Brisbane Mental Hospital Cemetery instead of being left there and the grave markers simply removed? In 1890 the asylum experienced severe flooding as the Brisbane River rose to a height of 40 feet, the highest level ever recorded. Located on the outskirts of Charters Towers, the Venus Gold Battery offers an insight into the amazing real life gold rush of the late nineteenth century. “Unfortunately, I have to tell them that I don’t know.”. This person said if I sent him the background information he would talk to our Attorney General. Charters Towers is haunted by the ghosts of gold. The Park now provides clinical treatment and rehabilitation programs to patients from central and southern Queensland, including care for people with a chronic mental disorder and for people with a mental disorder who are also intellectually disabled, forensic care services and an extended treatment service for adolescents. Have you ever thought of writing those stories down, Evon? Sorry everyone. More patients than ever were admitted to Goodna and no other solution to the treatment of mental illness was even considered possible. Most of the buildings on site have been heritage listed thankfully. Lisa. In the 19 June 1947 edition of The Courier Mail, an article disputes claims the patients volunteered.

Getting the facts on funerals. Again, thank you. Urbex explorers want the conditions of Moira's house to remain unaltered so that future explorers can enjoy what currently feels like a time capsule.
The asylum saw over 50,000 patients in its time. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Queensland's main gaol during its time of operation, it became known for its hunger strikes, roof-top protests, and riots over the poor treatment of prisoners. Wow. Fowl play suspected as chickens ruffle feathers in New Zealand cemetery.

Two new cottage wards [one of which is now known as Bostock House, 1885] and a refractory ward were erected in the female section and a new refractory ward was constructed [no longer extant] and major additions to the existing No 1 ward were undertaken in the male section. What to Expect when Accessing Records about You, Historical Background About Child Welfare, Searching for Records of a Parent or Grandparent, Applying for Records: Your Rights and the Law, Find & Connect web resource Induction Pack, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. She repeatedly continues to abuse other teenagers and children in her care and if they try to leave, she reports them to the police for crimes/says they are resistant to treatment, that they admit to because they are terrified of her. Short-term care with intensive treatment was the preferred model. In 1984 it expanded to include inpatients and specialised services for young people. There are many reasons why you might want to enter a decaying building. The Goodna Cemetery Trust does not believe there are thousands of asylum patients buried in unmarked graves within its boundary. Farm wards at the hospital had traditionally operated as semi-independent units where patients enjoyed greater levels of freedom and autonomy, unlike the main wards where people were locked in their cells or wards. It was haunting.

She still works at wolston.

The grape-ful dead: A wine with body fit for a funeral. In 1937 he was sent by the Queensland government to attend the 2nd International Congress on Mental Hygiene in Paris and on a study tour of hospitals, psychiatric clinics and universities in the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom. Perhaps you wouldn’t mind sharing your experiences of your work and the care of patients.

It was recognised that a building with a basement could be built on such topography, with the basement accommodating treatment rooms for cardiazol therapy, insulin therapy, malaria therapy, somnifaine or continuous narcosis therapy and other medical treatments. The policeman’s eyes followed me until I was outside the front gate. In 2000 work began on the Wolston Park Hospital Redevelopment, and in 2001 the hospital was renamed again to The Park Centre for Mental Health Treatment, Research & Education. It’s not something I talk about openly with people unless I feel it could be helpful or they can handle it. Alcoholics had been patients at Wolston Park since the Inebriates Act of 1892 had allowed for their admission to designated institutions, however, there had been no specific facilities for them. The new centre was known as the Wacol Rehabilitation Centre.

They have a fantastic computer search system but it takes a bit of getting used to. Maurice leased 200 acres of land on the banks of Mudgeerbra Creek, Gilston (Gold Coast area), felling timber as a timber getter pre 1882. I was defeated. Built in 1889, this hotel burnt down not once, but twice in 2010 and 2018. There's graffiti of the words 'still lost' painted on a bathroom panel. It cost about 23 pounds to take out this lease, a lot of money in those days. Although officially gazetted in 1862, the first European burials took place here in 1846. All thrills are genuine and genuinely creepy. However no new techniques or methods of treatment had been introduced.

David, thanks so much for letting me know! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. why I love exploring and taking photos of abandoned buildings.

I couldn’t accept defeat so quickly. They are then put on a forensic order, are taken to The Park without ever standing trial where the abuse continues until they can’t take it any longer.

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