We believe in the true working South African originally developed to protect the family from the wild animals and savages of AFRICA and is sometimes referred to as the south African mastiff.

6 – Last but not the least Bostu Boerboels, for me the home of one of the best dogs in South Africa, Chereen is a great person, very good communication, great dogs with lot of size , highly recommend this South African Breeder. It takes time, but we are hopeful that you will find it informative and useful. It can track a wounded prey from miles away and return it back to its master without eating it themselves.

A Jazz son & P-Funk grandson.

TO PURCHASE: CLICK ON PICTURE ABOVE. Since we live on a working farm we will endeavor to produce working type dog`s, always keeping in mind to maintain dog`s with good temperaments. However, we do take it seriously and exercise the utmost discipline in our breeding practices, which has led to the magnificent Boerboels in our lineup. However, we do take it seriously and

A ferocious warrior, he appears in the stories of Ulster in Northern Ireland, and also in Scottish and Manx folklore. I’m looking for an Black South Africa boerboel puppy preferably Male. Our Boerboel Breeding Goals Our experience has taught us that in order to improve the breed, one must start with the best available dogs. She is 120lbs at 7.5 months and rock solid. She’s cautious with strangers but once introduced is extremely sweet. Constant bathing and brushing of their teeth with dog paste or soda will keep them refreshed, A little bit of dry food will help prevent dental problems and bad breath.

Click on picture above to go to WorldWide Boerboel League.

accordingly. Cu Chulainn is one of the most famous Irish mythological heroes.

We also like to keep our momma`s within hearing when there are babies, which means they stay in the house during the pregnancy, up until the babies are ready to go to their new families. Coomore Working Boerboels USA located in Hamburg NY. Health issues always arise in pure breed animals, therefore as custodians of those animals we must strive for good health.

of the best possible boerboel. Ask for papers, where is the pedigree? 7. The South Africa Boerboel still holds the record of being one of the best guard dogs in the world against predators or intruders, the fear of most Boerboel owners and breeders is their aggressiveness and temperament, the South African Boerboel is not like the others – it is not aggressive in any way and is as a matter of fact very friendly with children, also this particular breed is very good at recognizing friends and visitors, introducing your Boerboel to your visitors will ensure cordiality between them, but be aware, this is not a easy breed, this is a strong and dominant breed, this dogs are not for everyone. I’m from Nigeria. If your Boerboels have not papers and you dont know who the parents are they could be anything…, I have a 7 month Brindle female.

“African originally developed these dogs to protect the family from the wild animals and savages of Africa and is sometimes referred to as the South African mastiff. This breed of dogs is known for its ugliness and physical strength, though their qualities are a little toned down in the females. Follow. Being I no longer hunt I think this will be the doge I continue to own ffor th rest of my days.

We at Bodington Boerboels aspire to produce working Boerboels, with this in mind we searched far and wide to find dogs with some of the most outstanding foundation Sires and Dams. It is very difficult to tell which Boerboel breeders are the best because Boerboels are South African dogs that can be used for very different things, for example if … ( Log Out / 

Boerboel registry played no part in our selections. Conversely, they can be strong willed (mostly the males), same-sex dog aggressive/dominant, and aggressive towards strangers.

We feel it's the temperament that really sets the breed apart. If you are serious about understanding the Boerboel and being a responsible Boerboel owner then please make a point of reading the information about the Boerboel on the SABBS site, particularly read the Breed Standard, read the book “The Boerboel, South Africa`s Own” and for good measure read what the respected Breeders have to say. They're our hobby and passion. The South African Boerboels are often healthy with an average age of 10-12 years.

We are not in the business of just breeding dogs – in fact, our craft isn’t even a business. A little exercise would keep them healthy and once in a week or two grooming would keep their appearance undamaged. Dekken Boerboels.

Our pups come with WBL&R eligibility registration papers. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Required fields are marked *, © 2018 Elite Boerboels All Rights Reserved ™. Boerboels pups makes a great companion, a wonderful family and property protector, and the best guard dog available. Our blog is continuing to grow! Something truly unique, special, orginal, and

Learn more about us and our dogs to understand why we are Boerboel enthusiasts. It is a massive mastiff-like breed with a blocky, broad, square head and a flat skull. However, a Boerboel is more than just a working dog, it is a friend to always look up to, and it is a protector and a defender, so choose your breeder carefully. Athletic type? We are constantly working to learn more and educate ourselves on every aspect of the boerboel breed, dog breeding and dog ownership. 3- El Dorado Boerboels, South African Breeder home of the legend Son OF a Gun and MES Bite a Bullet, currently not active breeding.

The South African Boerboel dogs are often good companion with obedient qualities. They are intelligent, easy to train, reliable, and have plenty of personality.

Cu Chulain offered to take the place of the guard dog until a replacement could be reared. How to recognize the real boerboel?I bought tow boerboel but now I feel that they not pure.

In order to look impressive and intimidating the Boerboel must have a large head, he must have impressive size and muscling to produce the power to back it all up. great companion, a wonderful family and property protector, and the best guard dog available. If you want a classic Boerboel that will be mellow and accepting of strangers; no problem, we have Dating back to 1652, this breed is a descendant of the Boer dog.

Through selective breeding over many years of our Boerboels, informed by  the philosophy that form always follows function, we are able to produce world class, work capable, historically correct Boerboels.

South African Boerboel is a huge dog that needs massive food to keep functioning. "WorldWide Boerboel Presents: Boerboel-The South African Mastiff".

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