I know of one German air crash at Laindon, a Messerschmitt Bf-110 which came down at Kennel Lane (the reference I am looking at says this is at Laindon Common). Will come back with more memories later. Since the dates of the deaths of all four airmen were the same, I assumed that they were from just one aircraft. I was just wondering if there was a society or similar who may be interested in this possible untouched site. We did not stay there very long. I’m local and hoping to visit sites to pay respects on their respective dates. Again there are inconclusive stories associated with this crash, with one crewman allegedly being Polish and of the aircraft being on fire as it crashed leading Needham to wonder if accounts of this crash were not being confused with that of another? Near to Devils Dyke where a Spit also crashed, the pilot successfully baling out. My Dad distinctly remembers a Luftwaffe aircraft being shot down,possibly by anti aircraft fire over Sneinton and him seeing the pilot floating northwards on a parachute.He has no idea of the date of the type of aircraft but it was broad daylight. Good luck and thanks again ( If I can get more info I want to do a painting of it). Thanks to former Stanhoe resident Arthur Walker for most of the information on these crash sites. Thank you . I believe the LW did utilize self sealing tanks. Hope this helps a bit ….Keith Williams. We carry out and fund high-quality applied research to support the protection and management of the historic environment. I was after all a Boy Scout, and we were supposed always to Be Prepared! At some point during the Battle of Britain his dad’s battery had downed a Ju88, not only had they downed it but they had jumped in a truck & raced to the crash site to lift some trophies before the army sealed off the site. The amount of info regarding the career and demise of that 410 pilot makes me wonder if such detail is available about the aircrew of the aircraft in the 3 photos in my ‘German Bombers over England’ book. Feel free to add your photos etc here if you wish or add a link to your page? But 234 were in 10 Group, so why buried in 11 Groups area? However, looking at Nigel Parker’s recent archive series there is also no mention of any German aircraft crashing in May – July 1941 in Nottinghamshire and these records are the best available. Not sure re spitfire crash will ask my dad over the xmas period. There was an air crash in Wilford on 12 August 1944. I’ll cut and paste your reply into a cuttings file for further research later. Next up 2 RAF fighters from the same campaign 1940. Thank you for your response, I am amazed that there is this type of info collated somewhere.

flying out of RAF Marham on exercises they had just finished doing a practise PAN rolling landing at RAF Binbrook and had been cleared to turn in a southerly direction to return to Marham. It as said missed their bungalow by 20 foot. The pilot, Ltn Klaus Conrad, ordered his crew to bail out, and he stayed at the helm and managed to crash land the aircraft on the golf course.
All i know is that Uffz Wemhoner survived and ended up as a POW. My father wrote an account of the Dornier crash in Laindon which he witnessed as a small boy. Felix Hainzinger. Or if can you be more precise with regards the location as there were a good few air crashes in the area. Went to see it straight away of course and it had done a fine belly landing; its engines were till “ticking” from the heat when I got to it. Whilst looking through the wreckage of the he 111 we came across an integrated circuit! He did some investigation in later life and received a copy of a letter form a Keith Hiscock at Essex Aviation Group in 1998, which states they had one of the engines and the propeller reduction gear on display – given to them by Basildon ATC Squadron.

One I do remember from one of those books is the shooting down of an FW-190 – by a Canadian soldier using a Bren Gun, of all things! Regards Alan Bush, Hi Alan, I will take a look tomorrow and get back to you. So we know roughly when this was. If this does not sound right, do you have an idea as to the date? Looking at a very old ordnance survey map ‘183 Eastbourne’ the map reference for the mine would be 718194 -not sure what an up to date map reference number would be though. Lay buried with the pilot for thirty seven years I stood as a child each year for many of those years feeling sad that he was down there in his mangled wreak of his Emil ME 109, There is a sequel to this story. The engines were never recovered and the props stuck out of the ground for several years till the land owner a mr smith cut them off and made a feature of the remains. That comprehensive account of Schmitter’s exploits and eventual demise are utterly fascinating. There is a photo of the wreck on the Web. Many thanks. link, Photo of Ofw Herman Platt who died near Litlington when his parachute failed to open, Map showing the golf course, Rathfinny Farm and Litlington. Church burial records are stored in THEKEEP@EASTSUSSEX.GOV.UK and I would love to go there, but I am 83 and living in a small corner of Texas and my traveling days are over, so that is not going to happen. Chartham cemetery also contained the grave of A Hoffman, Luftwaffe, killed 15 September, so it was used for Luftwaffe burials, but there was an Alfred Hoffman and also an Andreas Hoffman both killed on 15 September and I don’t know which one was in Chartham before Cannock. But you don’t know that, so it’s understandable that you should ask me where I am up to. Ju crew survived a good belly landing a few miles to the east, south-east of Winchester. Interestingly-enough, the fifth member of the crew was a Dr. Otto Sommer, who is described on the Web as a politician (i.e member of the Nazi Party). Living in Croydon I also regularly saw Palace (even play Bury which I vowed never to do again because of split loyalties) but I haven’t been to see them either since moving to Rotherfield, ironic since they are currently enjoying their most successful season ever.
On the same day as the Henkel bomber crash at High Salvington, a Messerschmitt Me 110 twin engine escort fighter belly-flopped among the stooks in … Thank You. She rushed back to the hole in the ground to see if there was anything she could do, It was quite obvious that there was nothing that could be done. For interest Andy Saunders is doing a talk on oddities of the Battle of Britain this month with the Lewes Military History Soc. I have pre-ordered the book and early in February will use that to try to find your aircraft if I haven’t stumbled across it before then (I will keep looking meanwhile, might find it wIthout the index). That is the only other part detailed in After the Battle book. The aircraft left Valenciennes at 0830, landed at Calais – Marck then took off again at 0910 to attack the Vickers factory at Weybridge with seven other aircraft. Maybe I am wrong about Me110, but I distinctly remember the markings, sure of 2 engines (not Ju88) and it looks like it made a fairly successful wheels up landing-crash.

Gerald. From hearing the whoosh to impact took just 5 seconds. My mum’s memory is fading a bit now, but lots of her other war recollections are accurate, but I don’t know if this really happened or whether it’s simply a scene she’s recalled from a film! All four members of the bomber’s crew were killed and at least two of the bodies were taken to Hungerford and placed in the mortuary of the town’s psychiatric hospital. There doesn’t seem to ba any other 4 man crew unaccounted for on 21/22 August on land, so where did the 4 in Chartham come from, if not King’s Somborne – but obviously I need a definite link for authorities to accept these men are the Ju 88 crew. Or bodies washed ashore – but why bury them so far inland? Regards. Harald, Hi thankyou a very brave man by the sound of it glad was treated ok.couldn’t find nothing on records regarding the gentleman.I think he was Essen based nice to hear he got to see his family. If you want to learn even more about this crash site there was an article written by Andy Saunders in the January 2009 issue of Britain at War magazine titled “A Far from Ordinary Pond”. Thanks very much. walteray.hill29@gmail.com. Do you have the year? After all, we had just been through a world war!

The thing that I remember very clearly was the smell of rotting flesh – the little grey strips hanging from the bushes round the site. The site can tell people exactly when their area was hit, and even show photos from the period. Cozens dad was a police ‘bomb identification’ specialist. E. Zuch

German bf 109 Pilot Ekkehard Schelcher was over Thanet Kent on that fateful day having flown from his base near Calase (He belonged to the ‘Green heart ‘ squadron) He was engaged by R A F planes over thanet and ( presumably ) had been trying to get home across Kent to his airbase in calase ( just thirty miles away) when his plane come down on Hurst Farm I often wonder if it was his plane that had been dammaged or wether he had also been injured and unable to control his plane… !! At least one other Luftwaffe pilot, Alfred Hoffman was also buried here in September. But where you are is an area rich in WWII history of course. If I get the chance I may go there and poke around, but no promises ! Hi Guys I was led to believe that the wreckage was all buried on site so it should still all be there including the engines as the excavation was stopped before anything was removed. Hello Gerald, We sometimes camped (illegally) on High and Over. By the way,ironically,the Raleigh factory was never hit but a mansion house on the outskirts of Sneinton (where my Dad and his mates played in the grounds and which had its own petrol pumps!) I know 96 Squadron where flying the Boulton Paul defiant in 1941 and KG55 moved to the Russian Front not long after May 1941, so what was the plane that crashed in Wrexham as indicated, any ideas. The owner has thrown millions into an ultra modern winery with 10 times the normal size vineyard.

The author notes a similarity of the reported scene with one from the movie Battle of Britain where farmhands take into custody a downed Polish RAF airman.

Conserving the Fog Battery Station on Lundy Island. I recently discovered a german airplane was shot down over my village in Sussex on 15th Aug 1940 after raiding Croydon airfield. Sometimes human remains were left (but not buried) at crash sites where the impact caused such trauma that the human remains were hard to identify and were impossible to recover. Ian, Litlington Church is only a few miles from the coast, and has the nearest cemetery also. At the Banbury processing plant, workers carry a section of the Dornier 17 fuselage brought from the crash site at Paddock Wood on 3 July 1940 (see page 19). On the 1st November 1944 this Mosquito Aircraft crashed into Mynydd Mawr in North Wales. On 22 August 4 unidentified Germans were buried in Chartham cemetery, near Manston, Kent. In an earlier recollection she focussed on just two crew (so maybe a fighter bomber or light bomber?) Click and drag to move the map around. Stuart. have some information and I’ve tried getting in touch with him but I’m trying all bases at the moment. Hi, I was at Goudhurst earlier today with my father.

Keith, I wonder if your set of Luftwaffe crashes includes the downing of a Do-17 on Aug. 18,1940, when it was one of nine bombers attacking RAF Kenley. I’ve never been able to find photos of the crash site even though it sounds like the wreckage was strewn around. Could anyone assist me with this query? So many stories from the long-running war. I visited the fantastic Battle of Britain Museum at The famous Battle of Britain Airfield ( Hawking) Kent . 21 August 1940: 1./KG54 Junkers Ju 88 A-1.

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