Nelli (deleted vide G.O.Ms.No.43,BCW (C2) Dept., dt.7.8.2008), 23. 16. Dhobi Muslim/ Muslim Dhobi/ Dhobi Musalman, Turka Chakla or Turka Sakala, Turaka Chakali, Tulukka Vannan, Tsakalas, Sakalas or Chakalas, Muslim Rajakas, 4. After forming his government, Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy announced that welfare of BCs would be a priority for his government and that his government would spend up to Rs 75,000 crore for schemes and benefits for backward classes over five years. It had some success, notably in breaking down some of the very strict traditions of endogamy within the community, and it gained some additional momentum as people from rural areas gradually migrated away from their villages to urban centres such as Delhi. List of Backward Classes for the purpose of Article 15(4) and 16(4) of the Constitution of India and the area of operation shall be confined to Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Vishakapatnam districts only. [38], In the post-colonial period, according to Michelutti, it was the process of yadavisation and the concentration on two core aims – increasing the demographic coverage and campaigning for improved protection under the positive discrimination scheme for Backward Classes – that has been a singular feature of the AIYM, although it continues its work in other areas such as promotion of vegetarianism and teetotalism. 7.8.2008), 35. Koya, Doli Koya, Gutta Koya, Kammara Koya, Musara Koya,Oddi, Koya, Pattidi Koya, Rajah, Rasha Koya, Lingadhari Koya (ordinary), Kottu, Koya, Bhine Koya, Rajkoya 24. 55. They must find a “boss” or a “master” and work for them and take a salary from them. But it is not because he is the son of a father of a particular caste, but it is because his father has trained him and the son now has the qualities and is working as a particular caste. So if a person is born in a Brahmin family or Kshatriya family, but has the qualities of a sudra, he is to be considered as a sudra. Micromax IN Note 1 vs Redmi Note 9: Which budget phone has the edge? Baba Ramadev- he is a Yadav & according to vedic varnashram system (which is based on guna-quality, nature, work & activity) he is a brahman by varna & sannyasi by ashram. Sindhollu, Chindollu Their traditional common function, all over India, was that of herdsmen, cowherds and milksellers. But unfortunately today caste system has become based on Janma (Birth). 7.8.2008). Mashti Mali (Bare, Barai, Marar and Tamboli of all districts of Telangana Region added as synonyms vide G.O.Ms.No.3, BCW(C2) Dept., dt.09.01.2004 read with vide G.O.Ms.No.45, BCW(C2) Dept., dt. The Yadav King's worshiped Lord Balaji with all their attention, wealth & sincerity & managed the affairs of their kingdom as the servant & representative of Lord Balaji. The support of the backward classes, who switched their loyalty en masse to YSRCP, helped the party win a landslide victory. [1][8], Traditionally, Yadav groups were linked to cattle raising and as such, were outside the formal caste system. The boy went to his mother and asked his mother and the mother subsequently admitted, "My dear son, I have known many men. The Vedic system just recognizes these groups, that’s all. Jambuvulu Chambhar The boy returned to Gautama Muni and relayed the embarrassing message, "Sir, my mother also does not know who my father is. So that is the income of the ksatriya. 39. [16], Lucia Michelutti notes that .mw-parser-output .templatequote{overflow:hidden;margin:1em 0;padding:0 40px}.mw-parser-output .templatequote .templatequotecite{line-height:1.5em;text-align:left;padding-left:1.6em;margin-top:0}, At the core of the Yadav community lies a specific folk theory of descent, according to which all Indian pastoral castes are said to descend from the Yadu dynasty (hence the label Yadav) to which Krishna (a cowherder, and supposedly a Kshatriya) belonged. He notes that this trait can also be seen among other caste groups. Pakeerla, Borewale, Deera Phakirlu, Bonthala, 11. This is why the social system in India has been destroyed and why there is such a strong movement to eradicate the caste system. Sugalis, Lambadis, Banjara Nagaralu confined to Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, Krishna, Hyderabad and Rangareddy districts (included in G.O.Ms.No.27, BCW(C2) Dept., dt.4.7.2008), 39. The Indian Express is now on Telegram. Adi Dravida Kattunayakan In Andhra Pradesh, we have 109 Backward Classes/Backward Caste (BC) communities and 52% of population. “By following his qualities of work, every man can become perfect. While an occasional warrior of a pastoral jati did establish his own state and dynasty, cattlekeepers are ranked in many localities among the lower blocks of the Shudras ... [The book] postulates divine and noble ancestry for a good many jatis in several language regions covering hundreds and thousands of people who share little more than a traditional occupation and a conviction about their rightful prerogatives. Golkonda was once renowned for the diamonds found on the south-east at Kollur Mine near Kollur (modern day Guntur district), Paritala (modern day Krishna district) and cut in the city during the Kakatiya reign. All rights reserved. Srisayana (Sagidi)-(deleted and added to Sl.No.4 of Group-B), 20. One book was published by the Andhra Pradesh Government in 1965, titled "Coins of Yadava's" by Dr. R Subhramaniam, which has good collection of pictures of these coins. Samanthula/ Samantha/ Sountia/ Sauntia confined to Srikakulam district (included in G.O.Ms.No. King Vir Narsimha Dev Yadavraya & later on Raja Krishnadeva Raya also donated & decorated the main shikhar (Vimaana) of the temple with pure gold. Tirupati Balaji- temple was built by Chola Yadav Kings. 19. Some of the benefits include pre and post-metric school fees reimbursement; financial assistance of Rs 18,750 given to women in the age group of 45-60 years to encourage them to start small businesses; old age pensions; rations through PDS; and healthcare benefits. 25. Kalinga (Kinthala deleted from the original name Kinthala Kalinga vide G.O.Ms.No.53, SW, dt.7.3.1980), 38. Aghamudian, Aghamudiar, Agamudivellalar and Agamudimudaliar (including Thuluva Vellalas) confined to Chittoor, Nellore, Kurnool, Ananthapur, Hyderabad and Rangareddy Districts (included in G.O.Ms.No.20, BCW(C2) Dept., dt.4.7.2008), 40. 33. Bukka Ayyavar (included in G.O.Ms.No.6, BCW(C2) Dept., dt. He contrasts this "subversion" theory with the Nair's motive of "emancipation", whereby Sanskritisation was "a means of reconciling low ritual status with growing socio-economic assertiveness and of taking the first steps towards an alternative, Dravidian identity". The Vaisyas are the productive caste. After all the forefathers of this family only found the deity of Tirupati Balaji hidden in the hills and presented it to the whole world to be blessed. Vivaah - Matrimony Profiles of Yadav Brides/ Girls in Andhra Pradesh. With a 49.55 per backward class population, the YSRCP government felt that separate corporations were needed to manage the sub-castes and ensure that the beneficiaries receive all the benefits and schemes being announced by the government. [22] It also sought to encourage the British Raj to recruit Yadavs as officers in the army and sought to modernise community practices such as reducing the financial burden dowries and increasing the acceptable age of marriage. Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy made a poll promise that if voted to power his government would set up several separate corporations for welfare of the backward classes. Krishna has created four types of men and four types work. Generally Yadavs are a martial class or Kshatriya Clan. 17 new Backward Classes list of Telangana State (Aboriginal Tribes, Vimuktha Jathis, Nomadic and SemiNomadic Tribes etc.) 19.2.2009), 51. The Father of Krishna, Vasudev Maharaj was a Kshatriya by varna (since he was a King) & Grihastha by ashram (since he was married). 13. Aside from an inability to counter the superior organisational ability of the higher castes who opposed it, the unwillingness of the Yadavs to renounce their belief that they were natural leaders and that the Kurmi were somehow inferior was a significant factor in the lack of success. [32] Although this movement, founded by Swami Dayananda Saraswati, favoured a caste hierarchy and also endogamy, its supporters believed that caste should be determined on merit rather than on heritage. Andhra Pradesh Scheduled Castes Cooperative Finance Corporation was set up in the year 1974 with a view to take up programmes for the Economic Development of Scheduled Caste families in the State. So if someone born of a sudra [worker] father becomes qualified [guna] and works as [karma] a brahmana he should be accepted as a brahmana… In the same way if the son of a brahmana doesn’t have the qualifications of a brahmana or work as a brahmana then he is not a brahmana. She believes that positive discrimination measures and gains as a consequence of land reform legislation have been important factors in at least some areas. The name Gollakonda is derived from Telgu words Golla (Gwal=Yadav) + Konda (Fort)= The Fort of Yadav's the cowherds or Cowherd's fort. Furthermore, that "... social leaders and politicians soon realised that their 'number' and the official proof of their demographic status were important political instruments on the basis of which they could claim a 'reasonable' share of state resources. 57. 46. 34. The Andhak & Kookoor (Kakatiya) Yadav's dominated the modern Andhra Pradesh state. 54. Bhil Mahabharat describes about the large Yadav population & Kingdoms throughout ancient India. 14. 45. 47. Sadara/Sadaru confined to Ananthapur District (included in G.O.Ms.No.11,BCW(C2) Dept., dt.9.4.2008), 36. Mitha Ayyalvar Although it may happen that someone born in a particular family will have the opportunity to develop the qualities of his father and also work in the same way as his father. Now please hear from Me how this can be done. The brahmanas are the saintly intellectuals who have studied the Vedas and whose position in society is to perform worship in the temple, study the scriptures, perform yajna and give advice — to everyone, but particularly to the ksatriyas. Manna Dhora Dhulia, Paiko, Putiya (in the districts of Vishakhapatnam and Vijayanagaram). Vamsharaj,Pitchiguntla (the original name Pitchiguntla was deleted vide G.O.Ms.No.27, BCW(M1) Dept., dt.23.6.1995 and again added as synonym in G.O.Ms.No.1, BCW(C2) Dept., dt. 26. The Triveni Sangh suffered badly in the 1937 elections, although it did win in some areas. You have the same system in America. Today Yadav's of Andhra Pradesh are very much socially, politically & commercially active. Lord Krishna clearly say’s in Bhagavat Gita 4.13 that the four varna & four ashrams has been made by Him according to one’s Guna (qualities) & Karma (work). Kasikapadi/ Kasikapudi confined to Hyderabad, Rangareddy , Nizamabad, Mahabubnagar and Adilabad Dists. Nayee Brahmin(Mangali), Mangala and Bajantri (synonyms were added vide G.O.Ms.No.1, BCW(M1) Dept., dt.6.1.1996), 18. *** The King was follower of Sri Ramanuj acharya and he established the murti (vigraha) of Srila Ramanuj Acharya at Tirupati. Kolam, Kolawar Kolupulvandlu, Pambada, Pambanda, Pambala [CDATA[ Sistakaranam (included in G.O.Ms.No.13, BCW(C2) Dept., dt. What is currently known in India as the caste system is totally corrupt and totally against the actual Varnasram system as it is described by Krishna in the Bhagavad-gita.

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