The scanner simply copies the serial number for you, so using it in real life can save time. Once I find what looks like a clear picture where I can actually read the barcode, I’ll open that listing to compare my code with the one from the picture. Skim through listing until you find the relevant EU/US label, depending on what I’m looking for.). After looking through hundreds of pictures of Real vs. 4. 98% of the fakes will fail the barcode scan test, thus replicas will be revealed very fast using this method. In this step, I’ll skim through the pictures in every listing without clicking on them — the website might block you for spamming it if you do that. Here’s where the reader has to judge — if there are some or a lot of confirmations on Google for that code (thus, the size-colourway combination), the box is authentic. The main idea behind this app’s strategy is that most replicas fail to have the correct barcode and a lot of checks will stop there. offers the very best collections of guides comparing Real to Fake Yeezys available on the web. 2. Please make sure you have downloaded our app to see all the legit check guides we’ve put out. If your shoe is recently released, you might want to read the “Barcode Scan” article for new releases. What our barcode scan function does is it generates a Google search for the UPC/EAN product code. Simply upload several images of your Yeezy with the required angles, and we will visually authenticate them. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll just attach the result page that pops up after using the Yeezy barcode scanner. 0. We will be checking whether our barcode matches other authentic barcode labels on the market. 0. If it has any other information, the Yeezys are probably fake. Need our opinion over your item’s authenticity? For every size and colourway combination, there’s one specific code. How do we authenticate through the barcode test, then? Pick your model and your size and most of the listing will have a picture with the barcode/QR code visible. View the read me for instructions on how to post your shoes to be legit checked! Submit Your Yeezy. Nike boxes will be the same most of the time. Sometimes, though, the barcode is correct on the fake shoe box: a broken clock is right twice a day. We will do our best to guide you in your quest to find REAL Yeezys. Read the note at the end of the article if you’re typing manually a Nike barcode. There are also websites like or which store UPC/EAN databases. Here’s where the reader has to judge — if there are some or a lot of confirmations points for that code (thus, the size-colourway combination), the box is authentic. Use this to save time: click filter, pick the size you’re looking for. Prefer having your items checked by one of our authenticators? If the pair is a US release, then the serial number is going to end with a V02 or V03. Nike x OFF-WHITE: THE TEN fake vs real guides, Pharrell Human Race NMD real vs fake guides, Anti Social Social Club Authentication Service (ASSC), Cactus Plant Flea Market Authentication Service (CPFM), Christian Louboutin Authentication Service, Comme Des Garcons CDG Authentication Service, Saint Laurent Paris Authentication Service, Valentino Rockrunner Authentication Service, Versace Chain Reaction Authentication Service, Yves Saint Laurent Loulou Authentication Service (Bag), Nike x Off White Fake Vs Real Comparisons, Nike x Travis Scott Fake Vs Real Comparisons, Alexander McQueen Real vs Fake Comparisons, Christian Louboutin Authentication Guides, Comme Des Garcons Fake Vs Real Comparisons, Saint Laurent Paris Authentication Guides, (stay away from super recent listings though, curators wipe out the fakes but they’re still humans.

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