Yutyrannus is one of the tournament dinosaurs in the game. [4] Its skull has an estimated length of 905 millimetres (35.6 in). Styracosaurus is also the little brother to Triceratops, also the unicorn of the dinosaur world. Yutyrannus [8] If scaly skin was the dominant epidermal trait of later genera, then the extent and nature of the integumentary covering may have changed over time in response to body size, a warmer climate, or other factors. The specific name consists of the Mandarin huáli (华丽 simplified, 華麗 traditional, "beautiful"), in reference to the perceived beauty of the plumage. Yutyrannus (meaning "feathered tyrant") is a genus of proceratosaurid tyrannosauroid dinosaur which contains a single known species, Yutyrannus huali. ( Log Out /  Age estimates point towards Yutyrannus originating from the Lujiatun or the Jianshangou beds of the Yixian, meaning it would have been contemporaneous of such dinosaurs as Psittacosaurus, Dongbeititan, Sinosauropteryx, and Caudipteryx. Yutyrannus was like T-rex’s little brother, faster and lighter, a feathered athlete of a predator. They were thus probably found in a layer of the Yixian Formation, dating from the Aptian, approximately 125 million years old. 1.4 tons (3,120 lbs) Was it related to T-Rex? [1], In 2016, a phylogenetic analysis conducted by Thomas Carr and Stephen Brusatte re-examined the evolutionary relationships of the Tyrannosauroidea. It had a length of 9 meters (30 feet) and an estimated weight of about 1.4 tonnes (3,120 lbs). The postorbital bone has a small secondary process, jutting into the upper hind corner of the eye socket. [1], To date, all phylogenetic analyses of Yutyrannus relationships have classified it in the group Tyrannosauroidea. Advanced traits included a large and deep skull, the outer side of the premaxilla having rotated upwards, a large cuneiform horn on the lacrimal in front of the eye socket, a postorbital process on the back rim of the eye socket, the squamosal and the quadratojugal forming a large process on the back rim of the infratemporal fenestra, short dorsal vertebrae, an ilium with a straight upper rim and an appending lobe, a large pubic foot and a slender ischium. Carnivore Yutyrannus was like T-rex's little brother, faster and lighter, a feathered athlete of a predator. ( Log Out /  Yutyrannus was an impressive specimen; at 30 foot long, around twelve feet high and weighing more than three thousand pounds, this was an animal worthy of being called a Tyrannosaur. [5], The described specimens of Yutyrannus contain direct evidence of feathers in the form of fossil imprints. Notable Game appearances [13], Xing L., Bell, P.R., Currie, P.J., Shibata M., Tseng K. & Dong Z. 2nd, 2nd favourite. Yutyrannus (meaning "feathered tyrant") is a genus of proceratosaurid tyrannosauroid dinosaur which contains a single known species, Yutyrannus huali.This species lived during the early Cretaceous period in what is now northeastern China. [1] The specimens had been cut into pieces about the size of bath mats, which could be carried by two people. Yes it was. The environment would have been comparable to the modern day temperate rainforests of British Columbia, and would have experienced significant seasonal changes in temperature. Weapons of this living hole-puncher include: a single pointed horn which it uses to impale enemies and pure muscle which it uses to charge and overpower it’s foes. The name is derived from Mandarin Chinese yǔ (羽, "feather") and Latinised Greek tyrannos (τύραννος, "tyrant"), a reference to its classification as a feathered member of the Tyrannosauroidea. .mw-parser-output table.clade{border-spacing:0;margin:0;font-size:100%;line-height:100%;border-collapse:separate;width:auto}.mw-parser-output table.clade table.clade{width:100%;line-height:inherit}.mw-parser-output table.clade td.clade-label{width:0.7em;padding:0 0.15em;vertical-align:bottom;text-align:center;border-left:1px solid;border-bottom:1px solid;white-space:nowrap}.mw-parser-output table.clade td.clade-fixed-width{overflow:hidden;text-overflow:ellipsis}.mw-parser-output table.clade td.clade-fixed-width:hover{overflow:visible}.mw-parser-output table.clade td.clade-label.first{border-left:none;border-right:none}.mw-parser-output table.clade td.clade-label.reverse{border-left:none;border-right:1px solid}.mw-parser-output table.clade td.clade-slabel{padding:0 0.15em;vertical-align:top;text-align:center;border-left:1px solid;white-space:nowrap}.mw-parser-output table.clade td.clade-slabel:hover{overflow:visible}.mw-parser-output table.clade td.clade-slabel.last{border-left:none;border-right:none}.mw-parser-output table.clade td.clade-slabel.reverse{border-left:none;border-right:1px solid}.mw-parser-output table.clade td.clade-bar{vertical-align:middle;text-align:left;padding:0 0.5em;position:relative}.mw-parser-output table.clade td.clade-bar.reverse{text-align:right;position:relative}.mw-parser-output table.clade td.clade-leaf{border:0;padding:0;text-align:left}.mw-parser-output table.clade td.clade-leafR{border:0;padding:0;text-align:right}.mw-parser-output table.clade td.clade-leaf.reverse{text-align:right}.mw-parser-output table.clade:hover span.linkA{background-color:yellow}.mw-parser-output table.clade:hover span.linkB{background-color:green}, The knowledge of specimens representing various different ages has allowed paleontologists to determine the ontogeny, or change during growth, of this species. Length During growth the lower legs, feet, ilia and forelimbs became relatively smaller. With the holotype they were present on the pelvis and near the foot. Since there is no positive evidence for plumage in tyrannosaurids, some researchers have suggested they may have evolved scales secondarily. The skulls of the paratypes are 80 centimetres (31 in) and 63 centimetres (25 in) long and their weights have been estimated at 596 kilograms (1,314 lb) and 493 kilograms (1,087 lb), respectively. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. In addition, the two adult specimens had distinctive, "wavy" crests on their snouts, on both sides of a high central crest, which were probably used for display. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. [1], The describers established some diagnostic traits of Yutyrannus, in which it differs from its direct relatives. The presence of feathers on a large basal tyrannosauroid suggests the possibility that later tyrannosaurids were also feathered, even when adult, despite their size. [11] The true cause of their death, however, remains unknown. Volcanic eruptions and forest fires appear to have been common in the Yixian, and the environment would have been littered with bodies of water and coniferous plants. Because the quality of the preservation was low, it could not be established whether the filaments were simple or compound, broad or narrow. ", Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, "A gigantic feathered dinosaur from the Lower Cretaceous of China", "The One-Ton Turkey: Further Adventures in Slow-Cooked Science", "Convergent evolution of a mobile bony tongue in flighted dinosaurs and pterosaurs", "There are giant feathered tyrannosaurs now...right? The snout features a high midline crest, formed by the nasals and the premaxillae and which is covered by large pneumatic recesses. Range ", "Humongous fuzzy dinosaur unearthed in China". [1], Yutyrannus were large bipedal predators. Feathered Tyrant "A sauropod rib with an embedded theropod tooth: direct evidence for feeding behaviour in the Jehol group, China. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [3], The holotype, ZCDM V5000, is the largest specimen, consisting of a nearly complete skeleton with skull, compressed on a slab, of an adult individual. [1], According to a 2018 study, Yutyrannus had a simple hyoid structure, indicating it had a flat tongue, like a crocodile. The paratypes are the two other specimens: ZCDM V5001 consisting of a skeleton of a smaller individual and part of the same slab as the holotype; and ELDM V1001, a juvenile estimated to have been eight years younger than the holotype. Diet This species lived during the early Cretaceous period in what is now northeastern China. After years of living in their older sibling’s shadow, could this be their chance on the stage? [1][7], Based on the distribution of the feathers, they may have covered the whole body and served in regulating temperature, given the rather cold climate of the Yixian with an average annual temperature of 10 °C (50 °F). Typically Styracosaurus is a herd animal but to make this fight fair it will be one on one, sorry Styracosaurus. [1], Because the three known individuals of Yutyrannus were allegedly found together, some paleontologists, including Xu Xing, have interpreted the animal as a pack hunter. Styracosaurus, because as Yutyrannus goes in for the kill the death unicorn knocks it over (due to Styracosaurus being stronger than Yutyrannus) and, oh look at that, Yutyrannus is impaled on a 60cm bone spike. The holotype and oldest-known specimen has an estimated length of 9 metres (29.5 ft) and an estimated weight of about 1,414 kilograms (3,117 lb). ( Log Out /  The fossils are part of the collections of the Zhucheng Dinosaur Museum and the Erlianhaote Dinosaur Museum but have been prepared by the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, under the guidance of Xu. [12], Because the locality of Yutyrannus is uncertain, it is unknown what fauna it coexisted with. Primitive traits relative to advanced tyrannosaurs included long forelimbs with three fingers and a short foot which was not specialized for running. Their analysis found Yutyrannus to be more basal than Dilong, placing it within the family Proceratosauridae. [1], Yutyrannus is known from three nearly complete fossil specimens (an adult, a subadult and a juvenile) acquired from a fossil dealer who claimed all three had their provenance in a single quarry at Batu Yingzi in Liaoning Province, China. The feathers covered various parts of the body. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Survival Guide, The Science Of Jurassic Park And The Lost World Or, How To Build A Dinosaur, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous dinosaurs, Human-Dinosaur Hybrids (Jurassic Park Orlando), https://jurassicpark.fandom.com/wiki/Yutyrannus?oldid=253347. Height The feathers were long, up to 20 centimetres (7.9 in), and filamentous. (2012). [2], Yutyrannus huali was named and scientifically described in 2012 by Xu Xing et al. After years of living in their older sibling's shadow, could this be their chance on the stage? Name meaning It’s the battle of the underdogs, the little bro of T-Rex vs the little bro of Triceratops. In order to win here is a strategy this animal could use to destroy it’s feathered opponent: it should try to keep its armoured frill between Yutyrannus and it before charging and impaling the little Rex using it’s strength to drive the horn through the ribcage and into one of the vital organs, still a nice unicorn? The smallest specimen showed 20-centimetre-long (7.9 in) filaments on the neck and 16-centimetre-long (6.3 in) feathers at the upper arm.

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