It is about fusing well-balanced connections while respecting the fluctuating, erotic needs of our clients. It is about targeted marketing, diligent screening and recognizing the right connections.” Written by A’

Recently, I was in the presence of a client and another provider, engaged in a great conversation. Our client’s facial expression changed, the energy in the room transformed and he took on a serious tone. He stared at both of us intently and asked if we were aware that his was a life altering experience and that we had certainly delivered. I related to our client that some of what we do as adult entertainers goes well beyond the scope of an envelope.

We make ourselves aware of shifts in our clients’ lives that lead them to seek the services of a professional companion

We are the type of companion who is well acquainted with the seemingly small, intimate details of our clients: their preferred label of Scotch or type of cuisine, specific massage oils and lingerie that appeal to them; we send birthday gifts, incite naughty telephone calls and heed the personal limits of our clients. While we seek to affirm their sensuality, we endeavour to teach or learn while perhaps guiding them through unchartered territory. We are true companions in every sense of the word.

It requires a savvy provider to build and cultivate a solid client base

In the case of this particular client, a rough divorce landed him in the hobby. Like many people, he equated companionship with the oldest profession on earth. To the credit of the myth, becoming a paid companion is easy and anyone can do it. However, what we do transgresses turning a trick or dealing with johns. It goes beyond the matter of curves, looks, legs and tummies. It is about fusing well-balanced connections while respecting the fluctuating, erotic needs of our clients. It is about targeted marketing, diligent screening and recognizing the right connections.

For the sake of maintaining our client base, we never proclaim everlasting love for a client

We are fully aware of our station in the life of a client. We will never find ourselves in a position to play emotional games because such behavior inflicts a weakened emotional state. Our purpose is to guide them through their erotic journey. Their station is to either be an active planner or speak it into our ears, allowing us to create it for them.

As an adult entertainer, there comes a time when you realize that being a provider is what you are supposed to be doing

Defining ourselves as providers begins by recognizing where we fit into the scheme of things and then making decisions based upon our comfort levels. While some go upscale, others are comfortable maintaining reasonable rates. If you are comfortable as a provider and sincerely enjoy taking in the look of pleasure on a client’s face, you are in the right profession. On the other hand, if you cringe when the phone rings, can’t stand to be touched, react with hostility when a client tries to connect with you, or do not enjoy giving and receiving pleasure, please close up shop today and find something else to do.

You may charge $5,000 an hour for your goregeousness but if you are an ice cold companion, never sharing a genuine moment of intimacy with a client under any circumstances, your beauty is not going to rule your business. Men who are serious hobbyists seek the company of companions who are comfortable in their own skin, who are not fake but warm and receptive toward them. They seek our company for affirmation, not to score another ice princess in their pockets.

There are ladies who charge astronomical rates yet never bother to learn anything about their clients

For them each client represents just another fat envelope. There are ladies who charge below their market, yet consciously wear their clients’ favorite colors and perfumes because they have taken the time to learn the distinctive nuances of every one. Through calculated observations and tailored questions, they know how to strike a well-balanced connection with their clients.

Their secrets are sacred and we carry them to our graves

This elevated attention to detail and cherished discretion represents the insignia of a companion whose value as an adult entertainer will never know a price. Genuine regard for our clients means that we enjoy a solid client base, indefinitely. We are the same companions who will never partake in a tell-all gossip media forum, exploiting our black books. Our reputations are sanctified by nothing less than discretion, attention to detail, unparalleled skill and a penetrating knowledge of what makes our clients tick.

Written by A’, Guest Author for Geisha Diaries