A Brief History of Prostitution

"A woman who owned property, made high wages and had sex outside of marriage was probably a whore." Guest Author, Mrs. Robinson I began my quest to learn why society feels such hatred against women in the adult entertainment industry and why these women are looked down upon with such repugnance.   In the nineteenth century, [...]

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Video: The Ultimate in Escort Marketing

"Hello readers. You probably don't know who I am, so please allow me to introduce myself. I am Claudia Cole, an independent companion based in New York and Paris. Escort video is a medium rapidly transitioning from trend to standard." Guest Author, Claudia Cole I would like readers to know that the following words are [...]

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Escort Dating in the Real World

"It seems that regular, non escort women in the dating world don't even bother screening a guy to make sure he is not an ax murderer before heading out to dinner with him" Guest Author Mrs. Robinson Outside of my escort business, I’ve hardly dated much in years. As a single parent, I have dedicated [...]

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Intimate Confessions of a Hobbyist

Recently, when discussing a few issues related to my last Geisha Diaries article, "Escort Hobbyist Relationships", several intriguing questions were raised. They were evocative questions which really challenged me, particularly, as a punter, why I conduct myself in the manner in which I do. Written by Capital Punter It was suggested that I explore these [...]

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Escort Hobbyist Relationships

"Is it possible for a British punter or an American hobbyist to actually maintain a friendship with a companion or escort?" Guest Author, Capital Punter I’ve heard it is quite unusual in America, but I do know escorts in the U.S. who are good friends with hobbyists. However, I would have to say it is [...]

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Isolation in Sex Work

"Working in the adult industry, especially when you are an independent provider, is an isolated lifestyle disconnected from common culture" Phone Sex Secrets I began escorting at an agency. I went to sit with the other girls on each of my shifts rather than waiting at home for my pager to buzz (yes, it was [...]

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Mechanics of Cross Dressing

"I've come to see cross-dressing as one part of a multifaceted continuum of lingerie fetish" A Slip of a Girl A true sexual fetish requires the object, in this case lingerie, to be present. But there are plenty who consider themselves lingerie fetishists, even if they can achieve arousal and satisfaction without it. This might [...]

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How to Find a Sugar Daddy Online

Geisha Diaries caught up with one of our Guest Authors, Butterfly Sugar, who wrote the article, “Lifestyle of a Sugar Baby” back in March, 2011. She is an elegant, well-written and self-professed, chocolate-dipped sugar baby. We asked her to share her insight and knowledge about successfully pursuing the sugar baby lifestyle. Here is her advice: [...]

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T Girl Chronicles of a Group Sex Junkie

"So, to do it right, you really need a guy who is so confident that he'll go face to face with another dude while you're sandwiched in between, getting fucked senseless." Guest Author Jessica Rivers I used to be a jet setting T girl, traveling like a nomad between an endless array of cities, meeting [...]

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