Escort Marketing: Diet Plan for Success

"As a provider, running your own business is quite similar to maintaining a healthy diet & exercise plan. There are certain well known steps to achieving your physical goals. The same steps can be applied toward growing your business" As a companion, what are your goals? The key to a successful weight-loss plan is to [...]

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International Escort Affairs

"It is safe to say that escorts are made up of a cross-section of personalities and this has more to do with experience than their individual nationalities" Capital Punter There is a perception by escorts and punters alike that many Eastern European ladies are cold and mechanical and only in it for the money. I [...]

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The Entrepreneurial Companion

"Societal standards regarding a woman’s sexual freedom and choice are disturbingly archaic, controlling from a place of fear" Guest Author Edie Vail Common sense has always been one of my strong points. This is the main reason viewing myself as a courtesan, escort, companion, prostitute – whatever the current labels are, has never felt wrong [...]

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From Soldier to Ladies Companion

"He wanted me to assume his Silk Calendar, as he called it, that listed the names and contact information of every single lady whom he regularly escorted." Written by Vincent William Before I became a male companion I was a Special Forces Officer for many years During that time I was married for five years [...]

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Sex Work: Never Break the Veil of Fantasy

"Beyond safety rules, the most important fundamental principal for all sex work is to never break the veil of fantasy" Written by Phone Sex Secrets Geisha Diaries recently caught up with Phone Sex Secrets (PSS) and the elusive, colorful character behind this bible of a website. I shall refer to her as PSS for short, [...]

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The New Age Sugar Daddy

"One happened to Google me, discovered an association as an escort and quickly dropped me. His loss." Written by Texasugah “Regular dating, sugar dating, courtesan, escort, streetwalker…” this was a slippery slope described by a self-proclaimed sugar online. The caveats ‘no pros’ and ‘not seeking an escort’ littered virtually every sugar daddy personal ad through [...]

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Posting Mutliple Profiles on Geisha Affair

Part I "Pick five things & do them daily. You will succeed, guaranteed." Five Profiles for the Price of One Scenario #1 You’re an escort in San Diego living in California. Your roots are planted there along with family, a partner and maybe a son or daughter. San Diego is beautiful and you love it, albeit, a [...]

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Smart Confessions of a Savvy Provider

"It is about fusing well-balanced connections while respecting the fluctuating, erotic needs of our clients. It is about targeted marketing, diligent screening and recognizing the right connections." Written by A' Recently, I was in the presence of a client and another provider, engaged in a great conversation. Our client's facial expression changed, the energy in [...]

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