Making Geisha Affair Work for You

"Most of the worldwide, adult community has been closely observing the growth and success rate of Geisha Affair International since its inception." For those of you who are still unfamiliar, Geisha Affair International is a high class, online advertising platform catering to the adult industry on a global scale. Geisha Affair (GA, as it is [...]


"Only a few topics inspire so much controversy and downright tension between companions and hobbyists as reviews. Many companions consider them as a necessary evil at best and an embarrassing invasion of privacy at worst. For hobbyists, some ignore escort reviews altogether while others use reviews as essential tools in selecting companions." Written by DC [...]

12 Ways to Win Over a Punter

"Personality is everything!" Written by Capital Punter During my time as a London Punter, (or, Hobbyist in the States), I have been fortunate enough to meet two stunning American escorts. Sadly, both were here in the UK only temporarily. Though my experience with American companions is limited, I imagine there are plenty of similarities and [...]

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Geisha Affair Blows Away Eros

Geisha Affair: the Sexy Alternative We all know Eros to be very expensive. Eros certainly does not favor the provider. The owners nickel and dime us for every extra feature you can possibly fathom. We pay extra for everything – VIP ads, multiple profiles, extra photos, extra features and editing of profiles.  We work so hard for our [...]

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14 Things You Don’t Know About British Sex

 "It is legal for a Punter to pay for companionship only." Written by Capital Punter 1.   Guys who visit companions here in the UK are referred to as Punters Personally, I dislike the term Punter immensely and much prefer the American epithet. My detestation of the term is because I feel it creates the image of [...]

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An Escort’s Guide to Proper Etiquette, Part I

Bookings First and foremost, pay close attention to your client’s desires from the initial exchange, whether by phone, text, email or booking form. Written by Victoria Krush Gauge your response by listening for terms of endearment, tone of voice and pattern of breathe. The insight gained will serve as the crest from which you will [...]

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Geisha Diaries is a Breath of Fresh Air

Finally, a website that has the perfect balance of intellect as well as covering issues that are real in the industry minus all the cheesy sex obsessed b.s. that you find on other sites. Author: Lance, Escort Agency Owner For ten years I have owned and operated an escort service in a medium size, midwest [...]

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