Love Story of an Escort

It is now October 2011, Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I have been here in Atlanta by Eric’s side caring for Irina for more than a year In my previous military career I became very close with a fellow Special Operations Officer named Eric. He became the brother I never had. We worked a two-man [...]

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From Soldier to Ladies Companion

"He wanted me to assume his Silk Calendar, as he called it, that listed the names and contact information of every single lady whom he regularly escorted." Written by Vincent William Before I became a male companion I was a Special Forces Officer for many years During that time I was married for five years [...]

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The Metrosexual Male Companion

"What distinguishes a metrosexual male companion? We come from all walks of life. Some of us are tall, short, have model looks, hard bodies or the guy-next-door look." Alex S. Logan What we all have in common is the ability to pamper a woman as though the world revolves around her. Every woman possesses something [...]

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