Anonymous Critic Bashes Geisha Affair

Earlier this year, we received a critical commentary from a faithful reader of Geisha Diaries, bashing Geisha Affair in the article, “Geisha Affair Blows Away Eros”. We shall refer to this person as ‘Anonymous’. Anonymous seems disturbed with the notion that someday Geisha Affair (GA) will charge for its services Unless it is a charitable [...]

A Guide to Joining an Internet Escort Agency

"This article speaks to providers wanting to join a high class, internet escort agency" Saucy London Escorts As the owner of a London escort agency for more than 8 years I have interviewed many providers. They fall into two categories: providers who are new to the scene and those who are already working. Often, the [...]

Client Screening & Identity Protection

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words “Taking pictures with your phone can reveal your location” Vivian Ng, Guest Author for Geisha Diaries & Volunteer Staff for VerifyHim The year 2010 revealed a lot of cool technology. Here are a few tidbits on how the adult community can benefit: is a site that’s raising awareness about [...]

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