Once a Sex Worker…Always a Sex Worker?

Being a former escort might not be all that difficult IF you keep it a secret. But if you share your past openly and unashamedly like I do, you may not always like what happens.  You might find yourself forced into a box defined by stereotypes and stigma. You might feel unseen and marginalized.  But [...]

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Isolation in Sex Work

"Working in the adult industry, especially when you are an independent provider, is an isolated lifestyle disconnected from common culture" Phone Sex Secrets I began escorting at an agency. I went to sit with the other girls on each of my shifts rather than waiting at home for my pager to buzz (yes, it was [...]

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Sex Work: Never Break the Veil of Fantasy

"Beyond safety rules, the most important fundamental principal for all sex work is to never break the veil of fantasy" Written by Phone Sex Secrets Geisha Diaries recently caught up with Phone Sex Secrets (PSS) and the elusive, colorful character behind this bible of a website. I shall refer to her as PSS for short, [...]

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14 Things You Don’t Know About British Sex

 "It is legal for a Punter to pay for companionship only." Written by Capital Punter 1.   Guys who visit companions here in the UK are referred to as Punters Personally, I dislike the term Punter immensely and much prefer the American epithet. My detestation of the term is because I feel it creates the image of [...]

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