Let the Truth be Told


Q.  What is Teatro Erotica?

A.  Teatro Erotica is just that. Erotic Theater. It is a four-hour evening of Performance erotica where the invitees are audience, partners and performers. Never before attempted in the history of theater, much less successfully produced, Teatro Erotica is a true juxtaposition. Think of TE where the sophistication and eroticism of American film director Stanley Kubrick’s erotic party scenes meet the sensuality of “Last Tango in Paris” love making scenes.

Q.  How did you come up with the idea for Teatro Erotica?

A.   The concept of Teatro Erotica evolved from experiences with a diverse yet very exclusive clientele cultivated by Juls and her intimate circle of courtesan peers. As these true courtesans shared their experiences together they discovered a common thread among their most enjoyable clients, an erotic curiosity. They found that these evenings were often dominated by acts of disclosure and discovery for the gentlemen – long, interesting discussions, wondering of what else lies beyond the horizon of erotic exploration. Beyond an evening of dinner and sensual companionship with a beautiful woman; beyond being the center of attraction and attention of a few incredibly beautiful women, therein still lays the curiosity, “Is this all there is?”, “Have I experienced everything, now?”

Not all gentlemen reach the pinnacle of developing such reflective questions. With Teatro Erotica, eroticism is an ethereal experience reserved for those who wish to acquire such refinement. Teatro is the “What’s next”, the answer to “Is there more erotic discovery to be had?”


Q.  Where do the events take place?

A.   After our initial San Francisco Performance, there was a tremendous demand from VIP’s unable to attend the original Performance. They were from all over the country so we thought to make Teatro a traveling Performance, alternating East to West, depending on the season. The Chicago Performance was a tremendous hit and we decided to schedule future Performances in San Francisco, New York City and Las Vegas.

After learning that the preponderances of our Guests were gentlemen with very few travel restrictions, we decided that the venue cities were not so important. Given the incredible complexity, cost and details of orchestrating mobile Performances, anchoring in the San Francisco Bay Area was an easy decision. Our spring Performance occurs within the very exclusive enclave of Pebble Beach, California. All our future Performances will always be within an hours’ drive of downtown San Francisco. For Summer, we are considering Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino, while also permanently retaining downtown San Francisco among the mix of venues.

Q.  Describe a typical profile of a Guest who participates

A.   The typical male or female Guest is between the ages of 35 and 60 (some older, some younger)


  • Typically, very successful in business and adept at recognizing quality and value.
  • Most plan well in advance for our Performances and communicate often and in detail about their itineraries.
  • Well versed in their own preferences and desires.
  • Most have moved beyond what a typical courtesan encounter entails and are experienced and very aware of their masculine or feminine energy and sexual identity.

Q.  What are the names of the ladies who participate in Teatro Erotica and how long have they been involved?

A.   The current group of Guides is always listed on the front page of the site making it easy to see who’s new, who’s been added and who’s on hiatus. Our core group has been with us almost since the beginning. But the work is demanding and most, at one point or another, take a Performance off here and there. Only Payton Moore remains as the only girl who’s attended every Performance. All the girls know that they are welcome to return whenever they’re ready. Some come and go when the situation is right for them.

Q.  Describe the ladies who are involved in Teatro Erotica

A.   This is the single most difficult issue in producing TE. From the very beginning we knew that we needed to have a diversity of Guides who would be able to speak to every subtle nuance and sensual peccadillo a Guest could ever desire.

Not only did we seek the rarest of the rare in terms of beauty, skills and energy, but they also had to conform to diverse physical phenotypes in order to offer our Guests a full menu of experiences and flavors. Most importantly, all Guides must authentically enjoy encounters with female energy, as well as understand the dynamic ebb and flow of energy in a group situation and how this energy can be channeled and altered in a positive manner.

Q.  How are Teatro ladies selected and how many are there?

A.   The amount varies, ranging from 15 Guides at our Manhattan Performance which took place in an open, 5,000 square foot loft venue, to our original Performance of only 6 Guides, in a 2,000 square foot luxurious downtown San Francisco house.

 The number of Guides is determined by the size of the space and the ability of the space to conduct the level of energy required to keep Guests feeling energized and excited. Our spring Performance will feature 13 Guides, small enough to lend an intimacy to the Performance, yet large enough to reverberate the electric energy flowing within the Guests.

The search and acceptance for a Guide is a 4 step evaluative process that opens with either a referral from one of the existing Guides/Guests or during a routine scan of reviews and ads. If an acceptable candidate is identified:


  1. We gather as much information from as many sources as is possible. If the candidate appears she may be a good addition to the team, she is contacted and invited to meet for an interview over lunch or dinner. Not all accept. Teatro is quite unique and not for everyone.
  2. Interviews usually last a couple hours and are very social in nature. The candidate’s questions and curiosities are addressed as well as her ability to handle herself socially and professionally in a formal social situation is ascertained. The majority of candidates who get to this point of the process are very professional and socially graceful and usually pass this step easily.
  3. If things go well during the interview, the lady is invited to play with Juls, together with one or more of her trusted clients in a professional environment, usually a threesome or foursome. The candidate is paid full price for her time after which all parties involved objectively evaluate her. This step usually presents the tipping point where the candidate’s Guide potential is revealed.
  4. Should she advance through step 4, she is invited to join TE as an Apprentice Guide in an upcoming Performance. During the Performance, she is “shadowed” by a full-fledged Guide and evaluated after the event. Upon approval, she is offered full-fledged Guide status and she is free to use the TE brand and marketing collateral in her marketing efforts between Performances.


The above criteria are very effective and thorough so to ensure we create an exceptional experience for our Guests. In short, all of our Guides have earned their titles and benefits.

Q.  What are the criteria for Guests who would like to participate?

A.   Guests are always and without fail VIPs of the Guides. No Guest is admitted without approval from at least 1 Guide and any one Guide can disqualify any Guest at any time. The word of our girls means 100 times more to us than the dollar potential in a Guest’s checkbook. No Guest is, or will ever be able to attend, solely because he/she is willing to pay the admission fee for the Performance.

If a potential first time Guest is not a VIP client of one of the Guides, he/she must “audition” for admission to the Performance with one of the Full Fledged Guides prior to being considered for an invitation. Guests are screened based upon their ability to conduct themselves as gentlemen at all times, depth of erotic philosophy and erotic energy and most importantly, erotic curiosity. Seats are always reserved in a calculated proportion for returning Guests as well as First Time Guests.

Q.  Some have described Teatro Erotica events as similar to those of Eyes Wide Shut. Describe a typical event.

A.  We’ve had some Guests who’ve attended both and described some differences between the two. The major variation we took from their description is one of fundamental differences in the philosophies and atmosphere within the Events. Given that we’ve had over 300 requests for the 12 Invitations to our Spring Performance, we have to assume that the philosophy and atmosphere we provide in Guiding our Guests during our Performance is exactly what potential Guests have been searching for.

All Teatro Erotica Performances are unscripted and un-choreographed. All Guests and Guides are encouraged to explore their thoughts, feelings, fantasies and actions in a free-form environment utilizing any and all space, toys, supplies and furniture provided for their evolution and enjoyment. The Guides are highly trained in interpreting Guests’ body language and actually guiding the Guests in exploring their own sensual energy and virility in one-on-one as well as group dynamic bases. Each Guide brings her own unique set of skills and level of expertise in managing certain specific energy arenas. It’s these individual skills that contribute to the dynamics of the Performance as a whole. When all our Guides collectively and wholeheartedly bring their unique skills to the Performance, it’s an incredible scenario to witness and we end up with the classic “Whole being greater than the sum of its parts”

Q.  How would you describe the location and décor?

A.   Most of our Guests enjoy being catered to with the expectation that things will run smoothly and to the level of quality with which they are accustomed.

We spend a tremendous amount of time, money and energy searching for the perfect Mansion in which to host our venue. Often, the entire Mansion will be redecorated to meet a certain discrete theme so as to encourage an intimate and sensual atmosphere. Cuisine, beverages, bar, décor, supplies, toys and other resources are painstakingly selected and no expense is spared. All Performances are highly planned and managed right down to the smallest details, from the custom sized, monogrammed TE robes to the luxury catered hors d’oeuvre menu placement of professional lighting, indoor/outdoor heating and cooling, shower, bathtub, spa and pool availability and any other items necessary to maintain a superior level of quality that our Guests have come to expect.

These venues must not only be perfect in layout (both inside and outside), allowing the energy to flow freely but also be conveniently located near 5-star hotels and airports for ease of travel for the Guests. On a secondary issue, the Mansion must also function as an intimate sorority house for between ten to fifteen girls who will live together in close quarters with their Sister Guides for up to 4 days.

Only Guides stay at the Mansion before, during and after the Event, and ladies do not work from the Mansion while they are staying. Juls goes out of her way to create a luxury oasis for girls, stocking food and deserts, fine wines, as well as on-site masseuse and other luxury amenities so that they can relax together during the days before and after in an atmosphere of luxury, camaraderie and informal comfort.

Q.  Describe a typical scene at a Teatro Erotica event.

A.   Guests arrive dressed business casual with Guides meeting them in cocktail dresses until the energy naturally grows to the point where the Performance begins its Guided portion. Pairs, threesomes, foursomes and larger groups all contribute their erotic energy to the whole, while becoming more aware and conscious of how beautiful this energy is when allowed to flow freely and unencumbered by societal mores and boundaries.

Q.  We have read reviews that left us mesmerized. How are Guests impacted?

A.    Guests routinely leave gushing about having created a memory that will last their lifetime, and begging to be included again. But rather than trying to explain, below are some words from past Guests in their notes following the Performances:

 “Dear Juls …Just a quick note to once again express my total appreciation and thanks for being invited to attended Teatro Erotica, NYC!

It is Sunday morning here in NYC. In my dreams I clearly still see all the amazing couplings and hear the symphony of pleasure calls reverberating the elegantly prepared pleasure areas! I am reviewing in my memories the most dramatic and erotic event of my entire life. Nothing that I have ever prior experienced has ever, even remotely approached this outstanding evening of sexual joy”


“Dear Juls… Once again, please accept my total gratitude for a wonderful and incredible time that your participation allowed. For me, it was a life changing experience!!!! I wonder if you realize the awesome impact you and you fellow Guides all have made upon me. Perhaps it should be called the Teatro Erotica REDEMPTION ;-)”

  Dear JulsEver since Thursday night, I am constantly reliving the overwhelming magical moments of this incredible volcanic event. I am a very experienced hobbyist and have experienced many once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Although they were described accurately as very hot sessions, they pale in comparison to what you invited me to participate in at Teatro. The maximum score on TER is a 10. If what I had with them, warranted a 10, my experience at Teatro warrants a 1,000,000 score. I need to establish that in my review.”

“Juls, Juls, Juls. I still have no words to describe just how I feel. Sheer euphoria is not a strong enough term. For lack of a better term, I’m calling it my “Teatro Erotica Masculinity Reclamation”. I feel like Gay Talese discovering his castle. Before last Thursday evening, I never dreamed that I would travel to Vegas, much less Pebble Beach for a Teatro event, but last Thursday evening “happened” upon me. Great Fortune did indeed favor the bold. You have opened up the ground beneath me. You’ve opened the sky above me. I feel free…totally free. I’m yours for whatever future event you plan! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Respectfully, Kissed by an angel… You!”

Written by Juls & Romi of Teatro Erotica, Guest Authors for Geisha Diaries