You’ve just got to get into the moment.  Whatever does it for you.  Focus on your amazing skill, all the control you have, the sensuality of being the one to give such intense pleasure” Written by Camille Crimson*


I’ve spent nearly half a decade sharing my love of oral sex with the world

But I still find myself constantly explaining and defending my choice as a woman to create a website based entirely around blowjobs.  What do I get out of it?  Wouldn’t I have more fun if I were the one receiving?  People just don’t understand the joy I receive from giving and the beauty of the pleasure that I create.  The truth is, a blowjob can be a very beautiful thing, but it has to be approached from this mindset.

As someone who gives quite a few blowjobs, it’s easy to think that at a certain point, it becomes a job (no pun intended)

I mean, it’s work, but so is pretty much anything worth doing.  The idea is that a blowjob shouldn’t be tedious.  But how do you avoid the tedium? I’m not here to give you specific tips and tricks, because what’s good for one person might vary drastically for the next.  What I can do is talk a little bit about the different elements that really bring a blowjob to the next level, making it something that really stands out as an art, both for you and the lucky recipient.

Don’t worry too much about deep throating.  Some people have zero gag reflex and could moonlight as a sword-swallower at a moment’s notice but others are really sensitive.  The fact is, you can train your gag reflex by relaxing the jaw, breathing through the nose and a little practice with something safe and phallic, like a banana or a dildo.  But, this takes time and dedication and might not ever wind up turning you into the deep throating champion of the world.  While I do encourage expanding this side of your repertoire, a blowjob doesn’t live and die by how much you can stuff in your mouth.  Skill is much more than that.

You’ve got a shaft, a frenulum, the head, balls, maybe a foreskin

The best way to approach a varied blowjob is to think about the anatomy you’re working with. Don’t just focus on one part. They’re all good!  And you’ve got a mouth, consisting of lips, tongue, cheeks, the roof of your mouth and your throat.  So how many combinations can you come up with?  Lick languidly up the side of his shaft, gently suck his balls, lightly kiss and tease his frenulum, angle his cock so that you rub his cock head against your cheek…  The possibilities are endless.

Play around with adding other parts of your body and his.  You’ve got hands, so use them!  Whether he likes a little gentle stroke or if he needs a vigorous jerking to cum, they’re an excellent asset to add to a really great blowjob.  Likewise, if you can push his shaft between your breasts and pump him a bit with them while licking or sucking, you’re going to add a whole other dimension of sensation.

Use your hands or mouth to explore these areas, sometimes alone or with secondary focus on his cock

On the other hand, he has lots of other erogenous zones  – his stomach, buttocks, nipples, the crease of his legs, even his pereneum or anus, if he’s into that. There is so much to do.  But don’t switch from one sensation to the other too fast, or it’ll be a little too much stimulation.  It can get overwhelming, so create a rhythm and stick with that until you know what he’s enjoying most.

That’s probably the most important thing.  You need to watch for his physical (or sometimes even verbal) cues to see what feels good and what doesn’t work for him.  Some guys are really sensitive to certain stimulus while others might not feel anything.  Some of it might feel “too good” and he might not want to cum just yet.  But, once you get to the point where he starts thrusting a bit more, moaning or breathing heavier and you just feel that extra jolt of thickness, it’s time to just keep on going with whatever you’re doing, because it’s working!  Don’t stop. Push through any minor discomfort (not major discomfort, though) and soon you’ll reach that amazing climax.  (As for taking a cumshot, just do whatever you want.  If he has any special requests, he’ll tell you, but don’t do anything that makes you feel unsafe.

Every man is different, so it’s like a hunt for the perfect touch in the perfect spot

Finally, you’ve just got to get into the moment.  Whatever does it for you.  Focus on your amazing skill, all the control you have, the sensuality of being the one to give such intense pleasure.  One or more of those ideas is bound to work.  Once you’re free from the notion that oral sex is tedious, it becomes a fun, creative outlet to explore his body. Over time, familiarity increases, joy sinks into the thrill of this exploration of new locations and new ways to tease.

It’s amazing.  To really relish in giving a blowjob is a beautiful thing.

Written by Camille Crimson, Guest Author for Geisha Diaries. *It is important to note that Ms. Crimson is not a provider.