Societal standards regarding a woman’s sexual freedom and choice are disturbingly archaic, controlling from a place of fear” Guest Author Edie Vail

Common sense has always been one of my strong points. This is the main reason viewing myself as a courtesan, escort, companion, prostitute – whatever the current labels are, has never felt wrong or out of place. I am raising beautiful children on my own, wearing many hats as teacher, chauffer, cook, laundress, and achieving an advanced degree all at the same time. The thought of marriage to a conventional, full-time job in exchange for survival is inconceivable. I know where my talents lie, what I enjoy, how I can provide for my family and be at the top of my profession.

Sharing with others what I do in my life is not an option

I’ve built businesses from scratch, bought and sold many a home, taught Sunday school, volunteered in women’s shelters and advocated for those with no voice. As the matriarch of the family I plan vacations, dinners, religious celebrations and manage squabbles threatening our chaotic peace. I’m the woman in the grocery store in a baseball hat, jeans and tank top preparing for the team barbeque. As a provider, you couldn’t pick me out of a crowd. My profession thrives under the radar. This is how I choose to put my pieces together. Nothing flows so perfectly as it does when you close your eyes, lie back and settle into your true self.

After successfully becoming entangled in the real estate craze, I escaped with only a few scrapes and bruises. Carefully buying time to assess my next endeavour, I realized what the next chapter held.

At times, life suffocates and survival heartlessly demands that we put the pieces back together

Like it or not, we must strike a balance of normalcy with what is within our reach. Given the present economic era in all its complicated layers, I chose to work as an escort without the blink of an eye. I could say “become an escort” however the drive and acceptance towards this profession lends me to believe that I’ve been one for years, on hiatus perhaps. Now was the time for rebirth, to push from the cocoon and seize the life I’ve always wanted: complete freedom within reach.

Well spent strength and power intrigues me, draws forth my sensual femininity with a deep curiosity

Raised in a blue-blood family, standards and expectations ran paramount for the men while the women settled into marriages and children. Not for me. As the only woman in the family to graduate college I hungered for more than coattails to ride. Men were my expertise spoken in a non-traditional language. Craving the deep scent of a man, the gentle power of strong hands guiding my hips, becoming mesmerized by a low voice spilling the day’s business – I get lost for hours.

I genuinely anticipate time with my clients. Every moment is savored and delicately prepared for in a thoughtful way. Lingerie is chosen carefully, body, hair and skin treatments indulged in regularly, current events absorbed diligently and perfect stilettos selected to accentuate the arch in my back. Investment of such time wraps the package of my identity as I prepare to lose myself in all that I appreciate in a man and the subtle fusion that we create.

How lucky am I to have been in a position to define myself as a companion

and reap the freedom that it beholds. Choosing this path is a blessing both for me and my clients, if I may be so bold.

Written by Edie Vail, Guest Author for Geisha Diaries