“What distinguishes a metrosexual male companion? We come from all walks of life. Some of us are tall, short, have model looks, hard bodies or the guy-next-door look.” Alex S. Logan

What we all have in common is the ability to pamper a woman as though the world revolves around her. Every woman possesses something that makes her special.

 Hi. I’m Alex S. Logan and I am a metrosexual male companion.

We harbor a sense of good taste and style blended with old fashioned manners. We are not solely interested in sports and the latest business news but also fashion, art and culture. I genuinely enjoy going to the ballet, not just because it makes my date happy. Recognizing popular fashion designers, understanding the importance of accessories appropriate for the attire and maintaining a proper skin care regimen all tie in to a persona that is the metrosexual male companion.

Beyond social interpretation of the metrosexual male companion is how I present myself. This does not mean how much I spend on clothing or the latest must-have gadget. For example, I always go to a local salon for a manicure prior to a date. There are now salons in many cities exclusively for males. Any man can now receive classic salon treatments in an environment that is dedicated to us.

On a more formal occasion, my attire is accented with French cuff links

On a more relaxed occassion, I often favor dress shirts when wearing good old fashioned jeans. I am partial to colors that punctuate an outfit but don’t worry whether or not the color is considered masculine. The trick is to ensure that the color compliments the look without overpowering it.

Metro men are naturally effeminate, not to be confused with feminine. Our sensitive side is more pronounced

Some patrons confide in me about personal matters. At times they are looking for a male perspective but more often for empathy from someone who will listen to them. Listening is a skill more traditionally associated with ladies than with gents. A true gentleman, one of old fashioned gentility, knows how to listen. He is also someone who remembers to open the door for a lady or stand aside in an elevator to politely allow her to exit first. When crossing a street he will walk closer to the side of the oncoming traffic, shielding her from a wayward vehicle. And yes, a metro male companion, if called upon, is skilled in changing a diaper.

The world has grown far more complicated than it was during our parent’s generation. Gender roles are no longer what they were in the 1950s or 1960s. Women today expect to have the same opportunities that men have so why shouldn’t they be able to engage companionship on their own terms? A gentleman who exemplifies a suave, manly appeal, soft effeminate touch and an old fashioned civility will always be the one to whom others are attracted.

As a metro male companion, I have had my share of incredible experiences. One such patron is a lady in her early 20s whose mission in life is to exhaust her bed and partner. Curious, I asked why she hires male companions. One would assume that with her age, looks and figure she could easily find a partner every night of the week just by frequenting a bar or club.

She replied that a mature man treats a lady much better than the twenty-something guy who hangs out in bars

that a male companion knows how to please a lady, listen to her, focus on her. Whether in bed, on a couch, floor or in a theater (that was an amazing encounter) a male companion is not trying to perform the latest act that he’s seen in a porn flick. A hired gent takes an interest in all of me, my thoughts, opinions and when I choose to let him far enough in to other parts of my life. I don’t feel that after we have finished a bedroom romp that I want them to leave so that I can roll over and go to sleep. I want the companions I book to stay, to hold me as I drift off, satisfied in so many ways.

Written by Alex S. Logan, Guest Author for Geisha Diaries