One happened to Google me, discovered an association as an escort and quickly dropped me. His loss.” Written by Texasugah

“Regular dating, sugar dating, courtesan, escort, streetwalker…” this was a slippery slope described by a self-proclaimed sugar online. The caveats ‘no pros’ and ‘not seeking an escort’ littered virtually every sugar daddy personal ad through which I rummaged. Yet, how could I be obliged to a man for an allowance, especially when the allowance was less than paltry? Long gone are the days of a man supporting a sugar baby or mistress.

The disappearing allowance phenomenon of a sugar baby could be due to the current recession

Or the fact that more and more sugar daddies without substantial means are entering the arena. They are aware that this segment of the industry is flooded with sugar babies and they are calling the shots. There are now websites that allow men to pay for dates with suggested prices as low as $25. It’s your guess what activity most of these sugar daddies seek.

Should I become an escort who enjoys more freedom socially and financially or remain in the sugar bowl?

I am a double, advanced-degreed professional who speaks three languages and maintains a career that requires a contract with a morals clause. Lack of discretion could land me in legal hot water, causing my son to be raised in the Middle East. Not an option. Yet the draw and images of lovely women with enviable freedom in the world of escorts beckoned. I decided to carve my own niche in this seductive world. How I am categorized or define my personal role is still unclear but I am definitely having a good time.

First, I review potential sugar daddies and complete a needs assessment

  • What do these men need?
  • How often are they looking to meet?
  • Are they open to pay for play?

Finances can sometimes be a hairy subject because these men, the ones that I see, are completely against seeing escorts

In fact, one happened to Google me, discovered an association as an escort and quickly dropped me. His loss. Once I determine compatibility with potential sugar daddies, I set out to meet and develop friendships from which I determine a select group of gentlemen whom I see. I personally communicate with them and learn their interests. I am determined that these men find value in every facet of me – my personality, intelligence and sensuality. Relationships with my sugars permit me the freedom of re-scheduling without issue or requesting assistance without actually seeing them.

Next, I establish a schedule with each one personally, meaning that emails and phone calls are exchanged to determine when and how often we will see each other. Each man having his own needs, a date might include a night at the theater, dinner, dancing etc. I develop my calendar accordingly and determine how much time I will dedicate to each sugar daddy.

I rarely see more than one sugar a day, by choice

Finally, I am able to balance out my sugars. Once autumn comes, dating frequency will drop to twice a week, if that. This sort of control is heady and liberating. Having followed the advice of other escorts with whom I correspond, I am honing my craft and investing in myself.

Women turned on each other when a sugar baby was known to have more than one sugar daddy

I recently returned to the forum where the Slippery Slope Sugar posted the comment, dismayed by what I read. The few men on the board were applauded when they claimed to meet a sugar baby who wasn’t thin, smart or young enough. Who was putting their hands together? The sugar babies, perhaps in an attempt to garner attention and favors from the male representation on the board.

During my time on Geisha Affair and viewing other escort websites, I have detected a style and femininity unknown in the sugar world. For that, I am forever grateful. And so I regress. What am I? What is my role? I don’t know. But I do know who I am. I am Texasugah.

With love,

Raquel Asal

Written by Guest Author, Texasugah