“A companion who really cares about her business takes the time to carve her own, personalized niche and pours her heart and soul into it. Brows rise in expectation of excellence”

Elite Companion & Guest Author for Geisha Diaries, A`

Recently, I decided to commission a pair of custom made boots. My entire leg was measured in several directions – thighs, feet in standing and sitting positions, instep and toes. I selected the material, textures, colors, weight of the entire boot, heel, inside and bottom with my name imprinted in the font color and style of my choice. These boots would be designed and crafted just for me.

The new boots are synonymous with my brand: painstakingly designed and well thought out. Website, photos and every detail about Allure` is custom made. A personalized Allure` was not an accident.

A high end companion who really cares about her business takes the time to carve her own, personalized niche and pours her heart, soul and thousands of hard earned dollars into branding herself as an exclusive provider. Many ladies have paid more than $2,000 just for photos. Their websites may have fetched an exorbitant price but were custom designed and well worth the investment. These ladies are highly selective about the text, photos and even color scheme and layout of their websites all of which are carefully mastered.

As an elite companion, my website reflects a mosaic of experiences that distinguish the real me

For such ladies as myself, it is disturbing to learn when our text has been plagiarized, photos pirated or when our web traffic has been circumvented to another site. People who steal text, photos and intellectual property are unethical and too cowardly to cultivate their own brand.

Physical appearance might be mimicked by stealing photos, but personality colors the text and  design of my website and simply cannot be replicated. Clients who read my text on someone else’s site will fully expect that person to be able to explain the many definitions of the term ‘Selah’. They will expect the author to talk about my blog articles. Hobbyists who spend lofty amounts engaging companions of my caliber do not do so based solely on her hips, lips or finger tips. They choose to spend their time indulging in a woman who comes complete with a charming personality, an intellect and a sense of self worth.

Emulating another provider is a futile effort that will never be attained by walking in someone else’s shoes

When a provider steals the property of another, too lazy to manifest her own brand and uniquely define herself in the world of the hobby, not only is her career short lived but she is sentenced to an aura of deception.

Guest Author for Geisha Diaries, A`