One of the biggest myths about our entire industry is that we all allow this dangerous practice. People assume we are all nasty, disease infested women and men who allow anyone to do anything” Written by A’

Recently I was approached by a potential client who wanted to schedule a multi-day engagement. Once he had completed the screening process, I provided him with a list of a few questions.

Based upon my research and planning, I sent him links to resorts, airlines and other details and assured him our transportation via limousine service would be handled in a discreet, professional and punctual manner. Upon approval, he placed all reservations and we coordinated dates and times for our getaway. At this point, I was in receipt of his deposit. I was going through the short list of ladies in California who I knew I could trust with his identity and the nature of his desires. I had to have everything exactly as he had requested. This was to be his once in a lifetime experience.

At that point, it was necessary to speak by phone to discuss his answers to my questions. Somewhere in the conversation, he asked me if I had ever had the hot cum of a client inside me. I replied, “No, I am not into bare-backing. It is childish, dangerous, and gross.” He answered, “You should try it.”

People assume we are all nasty, disease infested women and men who allow anyone to do anything

My heart sank and I didn’t know how to respond. I braced myself to answer him with dignity and not insult him. I was worried about his response to my reaction because, bare-backing is a widely accepted yet ignorant practice among adults who engage in casual sex. I also initiated the process of refunding his deposit. I was not going to keep this appointment and I made a mental note of his references and who he had reviewed. One of the biggest myths about our entire industry is that we all allow this dangerous practice.

It defies logic as to why anyone would allow or want full service bare back

There is nothing to support this reasoning. Is the entire medical community wrong about the risks associated with bareback sex with multiple partners? Are a few suicidal hobbyist and providers correct in their choice to partake in such illogical and radical behavior?

There is nothing special about the provider who offers bare back services

I have seen it offered at a higher price and I have seen it offered with no price adjustment. I have seen it offered at every level of the hobby. It confuses me as to why it is acceptable for any reason. The widely available amounts of factual information supporting safer sex far outweigh any reason offered to justify barebacking. There are no reasons to allow it, want it, ask for it, or have a conversation for the purposes of condoning the practice.

They are endangering their lives, the lives of their loved ones and the lives of everyone they come in contact with and this is inexcusable

Individuals who offer any defense in favor of barebacking or people who engage in the practice of barebacking are not dealing in any realm of reality. I can only conclude that providers and hobbyists or civilians in general who practice barebacking suffer from a behavior disorder called Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Such people are characterized by patterns of uncooperative, defiant, hostile, and annoying behavior. In a nut shell this means that such folks will argue based on illogic; disagreeing for the very sake of demonstrating the difference in other points of view. The only difference is for the most part they have bought into their own press and practice what they should not believe.

Written by Geisha Diaries Guest Author, A’