What has irreversibly changed the current of the escort industry is the enormous influx of novice providers who have brought with them a new era of rates that have jolted the worlds of established providersClaire, Executive Luxuries

Four years ago the provider landscape was drastically different. A surplus of income prevailed, along with a number of well established agencies and independent providers. We all knew who were the crème de la crème, the top agencies and the high end providers. It was easy for providers to fly by impulsively and less professionally with their marketing effotrs and overt disclosure of their services. In sharp contrast, times have changed and providers need to adapt accordingly.

Back in those days, I worked with Nicole* a high end New York companion. She had several things going for her. She was beautiful, possessed a hunger to succeed and could easily be called an expert in her field. As her assistant, I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience.

 Her average donation boasted $600/hr and her average appointment was 2-3 hours. The total did not include a cross country, first class flight or all expenses paid, 3-day, exclusive visit. Nor did it include the separate, long-term client who sported a monthly retainer to the tune of $15,000 to secure her travels to him at a weeks’ notice (all expenses covered, of course).

As Nicole flourished, she started an agency to facilitate quality time spent with her family. Together we built a medium sized agency with a variety of beautiful ladies who shared a wealth of personal experience as providers.

Accustomed to her marketing and advertising technique Nicole wasn’t really the type to plan her actions

That was when things started to go downhill. Here are some of the biggest mistakes she made:

  • Treated clients poorly: accustomed to doing things on her own terms, Nicole became infamous for cancelling scheduled appointments, some that had booked weeks in advance;
  • Poor planning: she had an impulsive way of scouting her target market (she’d look at the number of ladies visiting that particular city) and all tours were planned with just a few days notice.
  • Poor management: she continued to spend savage amounts of money on what she thought would bring new clients. Instead of reinforcing her agency, setting a portion of income aside for business & personal savings and laying the ground work for her success in the upcoming months she splurged on constant website updates and rotation of models.

Nicole was blindsided and had no interest in adjusting her business plan in congruence with the new economic climate


The market continued to grow stagnant, in response to the sluggish economy. Trying to reason with Nicole was like declaring that a runaway train was about to barrel down on her. But she remained an undeniable force to reckon with. In her world, the train would simply have to take a detour. Obviously, it didn’t. Subsequently, Nicole’s agency managed to survive a few more months before folding into the economic abyss.

The brutal economy devoured many providers (in excess of 80% of the current market) as I stood by and watched careers slip through fingers. Most had no muscle on how to manage, much less increase their business during a time when resiliency mattered most.

It was in the midst of this valley of despair that Terri and I witnessed many situations similar to Nicole’s and Executive Luxuries was born. We really wanted to arm providers who shared our sense of enthusiasm with the tools to build successful businesses, whether as independents or through agencies and in their personal lives.

Shortly after Executive Luxuries was founded, we took on a client faced with a dilemma similar to that of Nicole’s. We spent the first few days of our new business relationship getting to know her, identifying her needs and analyzing her goals. Then, we rolled up our sleeves and jumped into the trenches. Here’s what it was like:

  • It took a full 10 hours to organize the inbox, create a client list and verify and screen each potential client;
    Re-wrote her bio to reflect the high-class provider she really was;
  • Posted ads & updated photos on all sites on which she advertised;
  • Updated her website and activated memberships on all relevant boards;
  • Reduced her email response time from 24-48 hours to less than 1 hour; and
  • Increased exposure & cut down her advertising expenses

This was the turning point at which Terri and I became fully immersed in the companion world.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to achieve targeted results, thereby facilitating rate increases, increased free time to schedule more appointments or quality personal time. We love the challenges we face in creating customized ways to satisfy our clients’ needs. The reward comes through seeing the excitement on the faces of our client’s as they achieve the level of success that before they only dreamed.

Our goal is to demonstrate to providers that with a little help from Executive Luxuries, they can be successful in every term of the word.

*Nicole is a ficticious name appointed to protect her identity.

Claire & Terri, Executive Luxuries