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I was born in a small rural community in Eastern Oregon to parents who were members of a conservative Christian cult. Desiring to be an author at age eight, I entered a writing competition, which I did not win.  However, my dream of being an author persisted and I freelanced many articles long before there were blogs. I did not attend public school until I pursued and obtained my Psychology degree at Oregon State University in 1982. Although I spent seven years in corporate jobs after graduating from college, I eventually entered the sex industry as a high-end escort. My career as an escort spanned 14  years during which I was also married with stepchildren. When I retired from escorting in 2004, I realized my childhood dream to become  a published author when my book, Sex Secrets of Escorts, was published by Penguin. I have appeared on every national network as well as CNN, A&E, FOX, WE, The Playboy Channel and The New York Times. Today, I have a private practice in Northern California assisting couples to rebirth their relationships and I host a radio show on a network I helped to found at Find out more about my new profession as a Sexologist and Couple’s Consultant at

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