Victoria Krush

Ultimate Courtesan

After launching her new profile in 2009, Victoria Krush took the industry by storm. From the West coast Wall Street and golf mecca of San Francisco, California, Ms. Krush is a single, blonde force to be reckoned with. She’s happy, meek, timid and sometimes aggressive. She’s a school girl, a harlot, a coquette, a damsel in distress and an ideal. As an ultimate courtesan, she’s a muse, a keeper of secrets, an escape from reality, a glimmer of hope, a spark to ignite the fire of life buried beneath the emotionally numb. Now she’s a temptress, a mistress, a Shiva, a confidant, a counselor, a friend and an escape from the daily grind of the marriage business. Seems that the oldest profession in the book had somehow been tainted and possibly even the market ruined, but no, no, my friends. While it is an epidemic that poor men are trying to engage in a rich man’s habit, Victoria reports that the industry is alive and glorious as it has always been.

When barely in her twenties, Victoria ventured into dancing and nude modeling. After only 3 months she launched her own adult entertainment company. Over the years Victoria has dabbled in fashion, high tech, event planning, journalism, corporate and executive positions, the music industry, marketing, public relations, and adult entertainment. Ultimately, she chose to rebuild her rolodex after signing a non-compete clause in 2009 following the sale of her last agency.

Fast forward to present, now available is Victoria’s proprietary industry knowledge, marketing techniques, multi-level understanding and experience of the adult world available exclusively to the readers of Geisha Diaries before launching her own website Imagine Me Yours in March 2011.


Victoria Krush on Geisha Affair