“Hello readers. You probably don’t know who I am, so please allow me to introduce myself. I am Claudia Cole, an independent companion based in New York and Paris. Escort video is a medium rapidly transitioning from trend to standard.” Guest Author, Claudia Cole

I would like readers to know that the following words are spoken with stark frankness and absolute transparency. I have no hidden motive for having written this article nor do I wish to create some grandiose illusion of having any professional or scholastic experience in filmmaking. The last time I went to the cinema was to see the movie “Sea Biscuit”. I’m not kidding. I dislike television just as much.

Why would anyone bother to read this? Beats me. I don’t care if you do or don’t. All I have to offer is my unfiltered experience since making one video and one short (a film-video hybrid entitled “The Seduction”). In this particular article I shall address only my first video entitled, “Claudia: Unconscious- Subconscious”.

I believe there are companions around the globe participating in the adult entertainment industry who possess clear minds, carry good heads on their shoulders with strong, well intended hearts

Honest girls. Many who must not only fend for themselves but who might also support their families or loved ones. Most independent escorts work hard just so we can continue successfully working, a concept that I detest. We remain focused and strive to better ourselves. Many keep moving forward, hopeful to achieve another station in life at some point. Some in the escort business are “lifers.” This article was composed for them and for all of the reasons above as we are all like minded.

Low periods are inevitable in the escort world and happen to the best of us

During June of 2011, I hit the mother of all cold streaks. I have been online for about four years, but really only count the last three. The first year or so I had a website but not a clue how to optimize or market it. What a problem indeed!

That all changed when I met another companion in our industry. I was awestruck! Clearly, this girl had a fundamental understanding of how things worked. Her assistant traveled with her, three phones were ringing off the hook and her tour schedule was packed. Her manner of doing business was quite foreign to me at that time. Today, she is my only real and trusted online friend. Her selfless guidance changed my life.

In July of 2011 she was in New York, listening to my complaints and frustrations. This cold streak was a monster! I had tried everything to shake it. During that quiet period, I re-designed my website, updated my gallery with all new images and even had two ten-ten reviews published. Still, nothing.

Her advice was to do a video

I must admit, she had never given me bad direction, but when I departed from her hotel room, I became angry! I like to fly beneath the radar. Now I need a video? I’m not the type to twitter away my sins and pleasures. Following her advice would require tackling a whole new marketing medium plus, the tedious task of teaching myself an entirely new skill set. Forget the effort. The cost sounded daunting, at best.

I was motivated by an urgent need to escape the fear and uncertainty

of the Claudia Cole flat line so I bit the bullet and proactively educated myself about the process involved in making a promotional video. I spent countless hours online researching the subject from all angles both corporate and provider oriented. Oddly, I noticed parallels between the two. The same standard rules for success and failure kept appearing at the same cross-sections. Example: always keep the length of a video under ninety seconds. At the same time, I sought video works made by others in our industry from the United States and far beyond.

I noticed that video productions devised as marketing tools shared a similar formula. For clarity’s sake, I am referring to a provider’s film/video that is publicly viewed as opposed to a provider’s film/video that can only be viewed within the paid member’s area of her website.

2 patterns emerged:

  • A picture slide show set to epic or gripping music, with some flash effects; and
  • A film with a pretty female performing some variation of the following acts

Music begins. A melody of a sensual nature plays (perhaps another sub-standard rendition of Serge Gainsbourg’s Je T’Aime that has been done to death).

Visuals set in. Pretty female sips champagne then places the glass on a candle lit table. She gracefully steps before a mirror and carefully applies her lipstick. She unfastens her sexy garter belt, slowly removes stockings from her beautiful, long legs. She glides over to the dimly lit bathtub filled with bubbles and covered in rose petals.

You know this film. We have seen it many times. Yes, of course, some are better than others which is a matter of personal taste.

It is no big surprise why the standard rule mandates videos under ninety seconds in length. It is because the mind wanders. The content we produce should be interesting enough to hold a viewer’s attention with delight and sparking curiosity. If this cannot be accomplished regardless of the length of the video it would be unrealistic to expect outstanding results. Even more so, if the two or three minutes a particular person spends with us on screen are lackluster, how shall it feel for them when in person? You want to please your visitors, don’t you? Will your visitor be enchanted? Desire your company again?

A well made video provides a portal into your sexy mind

Do not be afraid. If your film is fun, creative, clever, and interesting it will be a success. Your new guest will be happy and so shall you. It’s a win-win! Film is an honest tool that provides an insight as to who you are in a way that no photo gallery can ever accomplish.

During the time I spent researching the subject of video I was astonished by the number of these types of films that exist. Was everyone just copying one another? Why not be bold, stand out as an individual and make something different? These thoughts were a bit reminiscent of when I searched online for a webmaster. I encountered site after site that contained redundant graphics of limousines, champagne bottles and images of private aircraft plastered everywhere. You know those websites. I know you do!

Jump now to end of August, 2011. I must have visited every website that existed, eager to gather and understand all information readily available. There were moments when a self-induced brain bleed was about to occur. The instruction, pressure and stress collected along this venture were too much and were taking a toll on me.

Envisioning a horizon of financial sodomy taking shape is a spooky and disconcerting feeling

Before I knew it, September of 2011 appeared. Instinctively, I knew that it was time to film a video. I cannot explain what or why this happened but my intuition spoke to me. Suddenly, most of what I read, dissected, and deemed law was simply disregarded. Dismissed! I decided to take a chance. But not without fear! It was quite a gamble.

Here’s the basic formula your human guinea pig used for film number one, entitled “Claudia: Unconscious- Subconscious.”

For a girl who chooses to cover her face and does not engage in x-rated behavior in front of a camera, this film had to somehow manage to entertain

I wanted to make a video with a story. Most importantly, it carried the handicap of needing to break my crippling cold spell. Here is how I did it:

Make it a story

Stories have titles. Films have titles. So do paintings. If you are going to put your work out into the world, please consider allowing the basic dignity of having a title. Doing so will breathe life into your work.

A professional film company’s producer will want your storyboard in advance. Red alert if you are not asked! This way your director and camera person can position you best. The D.P. (or cinematographer) will have your specific lighting requirements prepared, any extra equipment and the like. This way your film’s vision should be realistically met. Preparation of your crew and yourself will help to achieve the best results for your dollars spent.

After you have written your storyboard (in full wardrobe) rehearse and play out each move. It was surprising to learn that what I envisioned in my mind while writing the storyboard took on a completely different reality (of horror) when physically going through and playing out the script! By doing this, I saved some definite embarrassment!


If you write your own film, then you should choose your own musical score. This process should have very little to do with your own day-to-day tastes in music. You must view this as a commercial process both for you and your online purposes. Therefore it’s paramount to serve your audience and film first. Music sets an audible theme, mood and feeling to your video/film.Music carries the power to drag a mind down-tempo, abandoned to wander. The reverse is also true. The music you select can alter and provoke one’s imagination, keeping viewers alert. Do not be afraid of the music! This can be a really long process, but when a well-selected track for your project is chosen, it will be of much aid. The music you chose does not need to be similar to what you would play while in an intimate situation. This I cannot stress enough. Kill the yoga music already.

Since I am based in New York City and the images on my website are of a Manhattan nightscape, I chose a track that was a bit dark, gritty, and had a repetitive beat. It coordinated well with my site and film.

Try this exercise: Watch “Claudia: Unconscious- Subconscious” in total silence. You will then understand immediately. The mind wanders! The feeling is different. Sure the transition scenes re-occurring in different colors are sort of visually catchy and the next-to-last scene when walking in the park does the trick, but if it had been set to the wrong musical track, most viewers would not have watched long enough to make it to that scene.

I choose to acquire music legally. There are so many websites that offer royalty free music. Just Google it. Some are free while others charge a fee to license. It’s usually rather inexpensive to do so. Plus, it just isn’t good form to steal works by musical artists, right?

The importance of an expert editor

Of all the things learned during the process of making “Claudia: Unconscious- Subconscious”, this was by far the most important lesson. Acquiring an expert editor who is well versed in his/her trade is paramount. This is one of the major reasons why I choose to work with the team at Eros Films. Anyone can have miles and miles of pretty footage. But if it is not put together with surgeon-like precision, one runs a very high risk of a commercial that is totally ineffective. Period. What happens in the post production phase is serious stuff that will affect your bottom line. The editor is the person who puts your entire story together. Your motions and emotions become synchronized to the music and story. A great editor sees exactly where the sweet spots are in your taped footage. They know how to place those little (or grand) “flash” affects in the proper spot. They understand how to keep your audience’s attention focused and mesmerized. The editor is the person who makes your film move.

The editor is the puppeteer and master of all your hard work

This applied talent will enhance the video. Done very well, it will add the necessary polish and continuity to your well thought out work. I am not speaking of complicated effects, just basic, yet intelligently applied visuals.

I have already proclaimed myself as your personal guinea pig, test pilot. For those of you who are serious, please remain with me for just one last example.

Remember that set in stone rule about keeping a promotional video under ninety seconds, tops? Here is the best example of the importance of a top-class editor. “Claudia: Unconscious- Subconscious” crushes that rule and leaves it in the dust. I’ll never forget the September night when I was walking home and my blackberry rang. Yes, it was my editor calling, working late on my video:

Me, “Good evening. Everything alright?”

He, “Yes! Fantastic. The last draft is finished and I’ve sent you a private link to approve. Please watch it and then call me. Oh, by the way. It runs four minutes and forty-one seconds.”

Me, “No! No, this cannot happen! It goes directly against everything I have read! Please, can’t it be edited down further?”

He,.”Stay calm.” (laughing – while a feeling of utter sickness took over me) “It doesn’t feel like four minutes and change. This video REALLY moves. You will be shocked. Just watch it then please call me, alright?”

Amazing film editors now have my full respect and admiration. Without their special talent a motion picture or video can become an expensive heap of absolutely nothing. Again, anyone can possess miles and miles of pretty, filmed footage.

If the person laboring on your behalf in the post-production phase does not care or understand what you are trying to convey about yourself, then all is lost. It’s just that simple. I have zero interest in producing a mindless Claudia Cole vanity fest. I’m not here for that.

Video/film is a very powerful medium

The decision, commitment, and thought required to create something that is considered as memorable, sexy and unique can be a challenging undertaking. But don’t skimp. Make your work with well-regarded professionals, or don’t bother. Your return on investment will be worth it. Trust me.

A great many like myself spend a well calculated portion of the money they earn to advertise in various ways. I come from a different school of thought.

I believe that if you treat people well they will come back to you

In other words, I am my own best advertisement. Therefore, it was a deliberate choice to challenge the standard molds and take a risk. Again, this was not accomplished without a lot of anxiety! Because still, what do I know? Honestly? Not much. Just what I have learned which is openly shared right here. That’s about it.

I took a chance at the recommendation given by a beloved friend, a kind person who selflessly helped another girl – me. I now humbly pass along this information to you without filters, without apprehension. It is my sincere hope that by writing this rather lengthy (and boring) article, it will be of valuable purpose to someone. Prosperity breeds prosperity. There is enough success to go around for all.

Remember that vicious cold streak? I threw some intense fire on it and guess what? Let’s just say that now things are pretty temperate over here at “Chateau Claudia.”

Written by Guest Author & Elite Companion, Claudia Cole