Do you even have a blog? Do you understand the purpose of a blog? Granted, every provider, mistress and Tgirl has their own unique style in terms of marketing themselves (actually, some do not market themselves at all). If you don’t like the word marketing, try branding. If you consider either of those words impersonal (which if you are professional about your business, you should not), consider the phrase, ‘methods by which some allow clients to gain an inside peak into their lives’

In the world of online escorting, your website content is a mirror image of your persona. Quality website content translates into more clients. Period. The attention span of a viewer is limited, increasing the demand even more for accurate and well-written, quality web content that is easy to read, drawing them deeper into your website. Your web content should be precise and focused, enticing your viewer with the factual information that they seek, yet creatively written to entice their interest in you. Additionally, your web content should be packed with keywords that search engines recognize, thereby leading viewer’s search criteria to your website when they are surfing the internet. How do you accomplish all of these challenges amidst the constant battle with a million other escort websites all competing for the attention of your viewer?

Adult entertainers come in all flavors, shapes and sizes

You don’t need to be a VIP courtesan or high end dominatrix possessing a college degree to recognize that your website be filled with quality content that flows and accurately represents your personality. In the online world, interesting web content that is grammatically consistent and uses proper syntax with no typos is a direct reflection of who you are.

Write how you talk

Golden Rule: If you won’t say it in a conversation, you shouldn’t say it on your website. Your content should be presented in a manner that is natural and easy to read, without using intimidating words that could scare away your viewers.

Knowing when to stop

Verbal diarrhea is the sign of someone who is trying too hard to impress. The novice writer (and a lot of professional writers for that matter) are often compelled by a perceived need to say too much. Consequently, the text may be cast with overtones of insincerity, aloofness, neediness, insecurity or lacking intelligence, stained with a few typos and/or improper sentence structure. If you want to adversely mark the minds of your readers with any of these moods, this is a sure way to do it. (As I mentioned earlier, a college degree is not required to ‘sound intelligent’. There are highly educated people who never had an interest in linguistics; well known, published authors who never studied literature; successful artists who never finished high school. Surprisingly, it’s more difficult to express yourself with a natural ebb and flow than it is to choke your text with wordy commentary.) There’s an excellent chance that half of the content on your website does not need to be there. Whenever I write a piece, I tighten it up by going back and looking for unnecessary content. Strike a balance between saying just enough and saying too much.

Defining your persona

Are all the facts somehow padded into your words? Wait. If a stranger approaches you on the street and asks you to define your persona, how to answer in 50 words or less? Or would you stumble about, struggling to match words with a muddy concept of your persona? Only you know if you’ve done your homework. Now, before you run back to your website and start inserting phrases into your About Me section like, “…you’ll enjoy my full, 34DD breasts…” stop. Would you actually say that to a client? I think not. It sounds choppy and rough. Once you have clearly defined the characteristics of your persona, convert all of those sexy adjectives into text that flows like water, seasoned with your personality. I’ve read content written by only a few ladies whose personas came shining through their words with a fresh sense of genuineness, graciously leaving me with a feeling that I knew them. It’s not so easy, I know. This feeling of familiarity had nothing to do with whether or not I found their photos or website design appealing. The point is that they successfully granted me a taste of their personalities. A few I know personally and they are very successful.

Recognizing your clientele

Defining your client as a mature, discerning gentleman over the age of 40 is more of a stereotype than a clear and accurate definition. Who wants to entertain the undiscriminating gentleman? Part of your clientele might be mature and over the age of 50 or even over the age of 70. All three of these ages are marked by dramatically different stages in life. You must characterize your clientele in depth and know each one as though they are your best friend until you recognize patterns. If you are unable to paint a clear picture of your clientele, chances are you’d like them to somehow be different because your business isn’t where you’d like it to be. If the latter is the case, take refuge in the power promised in the words on your website. Sure, not every viewer reads what you’ve got to say. Many go straight to your photos and follow with an email or phone call urgently asking if you can meet in 30 minutes. However, many not only read, but ponder what you’ve written because they want to take an interest in you, especially if you offer a girl friend experience. By first defining your clientele and styling your text accordingly, you will hone your website audience and conversion rate to clientele will increase.

What your blog should be doing for you

What works for some may not even be considered by others. But as long as your main source of business is derived from the internet, you should strongly consider maintaining a blog. The first and foremost method of communication a hobbyist approaches is via the internet. If this hobbyist has viewed escort websites that are regularly updated with new information, chances are excellent that he will anticipate their updates and will frequent their websites more than those that are stagnant. When you so generously provide a preview into your private persona life (or whatever fantasy or fetish you choose to present) by way of a blog article, you are taking an avid interest in your viewers. And when that article is well written and mirrors your personal attributes, you are defining your readers and ultimately, clientele. Don’t worry that your style may not appeal to some. You don’t want ‘some’. You want those who are drawn to what you have to say because it is all about YOU. The way to keep those hobbyists and clients coming back for more is to regularly update your blog with fresh, new content. How frequently should you post? That’s entirely up to you. I will talk more about what blog content should include in a future article featured on Vertical Kitty.

Various avenues of social media are a blog’s best friend

If you have a blog, know what to do with it. Otherwise, don’t waste your time. Just tuck it away into a virtual drawer, forget about it and go do something else. That’s because no one will know about your blog unless you make it known.

Unfortunately and for as much sense as my words make (and I’m certainly not alone in the world of internet marketing), many ladies are either reluctant to blog or feel that they lack the ‘grammatical savvy’ shall we say. That’s when is makes a wealth of sense to hire an expert to complete the task for you.

social media offers a wealth of tools that are virtually free and guarantee the most powerful and progressive form of public relations and marketing you’ll ever use – if implemented properly. Twitter, Facebook and all chat forums and boards are excellent mediums through which to feature your blog. Utilizing social media does not require inherent talent but a learned discipline and proper etiquette. Reading a few articles online or seeking the advice of a friend should be enough to get you going. But you must have the desire to cultivate and feed your social media persona at least a few times a week for your efforts to be effective. I will write more on this topic in a future article featured on Vertical Kitty.