“Words are not retractable. We create what we say.” Naughty Allure

While the economy has beaten down a lot of people there are those who have made a conscious decision to work harder and smarter. Our community is seeing certain providers who are doing extraordinarily well even though this is the era when many are forced to close up shop and go play office politics. How are the successful ones doing it? They speak well of their business and clients by emanating positive energy. Always complaining about how shitty the market is will surely kill your business.

Turning Your Business into a Micro Empire

Negativity is contagious. It will fuel your world and go with you everywhere – your sessions, your forum presence, your tone of voice over the phone and in emails and your physical presence.

Lovely ladies, convert bad energy into good energy and study your market! Then, define your niche and shape your business.  I know the reality of the economy is not good, but statistics do not lie. There are men and women in our business who are doing well in their base markets. Here are their secrets:

  • Taking the time to study their market;
  • Inventing and nurturing an original technique of branding themselves;
  • Re-evaluating marketing expenses;
  • Embracing the escort industry as a professional career and not as a social networking forum;
  • Remaining vigilant with personal safety.

These same ladies and gentlemen are the ones who are raising their rates,

updating their websites and posting new photos, touring successfully and ultimately excelling in their base markets.

I recently cleaned my house – as in bleach and hot water. It took me two days. I scrubbed down everything and tossed out clothing that no longer fit or was outdated. I also cleansed and streamlined my personal life and then on to do the same with my business.

In the process, a few friends were eliminated and through the will of the universe some simply faded off my scene. I am a very giving person, but from time to time even the strongest and best of us need validation from another human. I seek to give and receive and those who are only here for the taking must find another well from which to draw. My friends are streamlined to those who can carry their own weight.

Not too long ago, I called a good friend and told her that I could hear the wind blowing because business was so slow

She gave me the same advice I am giving you here. “Speak well of your situation. Plan a tour. Get your work bag ready. Switch out your photos. Re-assess your rates. Update your profile. Prepare your mind for work. Meditate that new, safe and generous clients will enter into your sphere. Reconsider friends if they are wallowing in their sorrows because of a bad economy.

It worked for me. It took time. But it worked.

Written by Allure, Guest Author for Geisha Diaries