Anthony Asanti Washington DC Gigolo“Some men work to get pleasure from women. Bringing pleasure to women is my work”

I am a university educated gigolo providing companionship to women and couples. Based primarily in the Washington, DC metro area I’m available nationally and internationally.

I have passion for life and the company of the woman with whom I spend time. I like pleasuring through all of the senses. It could be something as subtle as a smile, a laugh or an engaging conversation. Sometimes the chemistry results in a passionate, client love affair; other times fulfillment that comes with friendship and perhaps a deeply sexual experience if that is what it progresses to.

It also pleases me to make her feel beautiful, sexy and see her smile or laugh at something funny I’ve said; or when she gazes at me with sheer amazement and wonder.  I love creating a space of intimacy in which a woman feels exceptional, sexy and beautiful for whom she is.  Though most sessions do involve play, it is not the most impactful aspect of my profession.

 “It is not always about the physical”

Oddly enough, it is about having a guaranteed absolufrickenlutely fabulous time coupled with professionalism and discretion. The focus is on creating a space of intimacy in which she feels exceptional, sexy and beautiful for whom she is in a safe environment.

A woman may want me to be her partner in crime with whom to have a pleasant time; a gentleman at all times with whom she feels is safe. Others want to dine over engaging conversation, a few cocktails and simple companionship or as arm candy to accompany them during social or business events.

Many women have expressed the rarity of having a decent conversation with a guy. I stay informed on a variety of topics about culture, history, politics, current events and spirituality to engage and converse intelligently with anyone in any setting. I definitely will never embarrass a lady.


I have studied aspects of Tantra, Kama Sutra and Summum Bonum Amen Ra to name a few.  Additionally, I study the ancient universal principles behind these erotic arts of invoking and heightening joy and pleasure in others. It is known to some as Het-Heru and others as Oshun, Aphrodite or Venus.  As a formally trained chef in the U.S. military I am able to prepare any type of cuisine given a recipe and the proper ingredients. I sometimes prepare dinner for clients. Although I create the main entree it takes the two of us to create our very own special dessert. Versed in neck, hand and foot bodywork, I am expanding modalities to include sensual bodywork and more conventional techniques. I am quite skilled in pleasuring the erogenous zones using touch. Sensual bodywork is quickly becoming a specialty coupled with standard techniques.

Dominant not domineering

Many cosmopolitan women have broken away from the stigma of paying for a man’s companionship, opting instead to engage him in fulfilling her fantasies, desires, needs and interests on her terms. Although my masculinity is dominant I am by no means domineering. I take the lead by providing options but a lady will always have the final say. Whether it is a fun-filled evening of dining, dancing, sensual bodywork, passion, romance and adventure the decision is totally up to her.

I do however, expect a patron to reciprocate courtesy and respect, virtues afforded by all decent people. Warmth, openness and willingness to learn goes a long way in making an encounter an unforgettable adventure for both of us.