Escort Marketing: Diet Plan for Success

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"As a provider, running your own business is quite similar to maintaining a healthy diet & exercise plan. There are certain well known steps to achieving your physical goals. The same steps can be applied toward growing your business" As a companion, what are your goals? The key to a successful weight-loss plan is to [...]

Escort Hobbyist Relationships

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"Is it possible for a British punter or an American hobbyist to actually maintain a friendship with a companion or escort?" Guest Author, Capital Punter I’ve heard it is quite unusual in America, but I do know escorts in the U.S. who are good friends with hobbyists. However, I would have to say it is [...]

Isolation in Sex Work

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"Working in the adult industry, especially when you are an independent provider, is an isolated lifestyle disconnected from common culture" Phone Sex Secrets I began escorting at an agency. I went to sit with the other girls on each of my shifts rather than waiting at home for my pager to buzz (yes, it was [...]

T Girl Chronicles of a Group Sex Junkie

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"So, to do it right, you really need a guy who is so confident that he'll go face to face with another dude while you're sandwiched in between, getting fucked senseless." Guest Author Jessica Rivers I used to be a jet setting T girl, traveling like a nomad between an endless array of cities, meeting [...]

Profiling the Hardcore Masochist

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The world of BDSM is a colorful one. The roots of every fetish and fantasy run deep. To produce femdom movies with camslaves who exhibit their fetishes is not easy The ladies of the Femdom Society are true sadists who love what they do. To them, a submissive man is no real challenge, sometimes even [...]

Dominance & Control

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“The utterly divine worship of the female form superior to the male form in every way”  Dominance is a mental, emotional and physical state manifested through something as simple as a gesture or soft-spoken word. It is the underlying tone of commanding, assertive and unwavering control.    There are no questions. There are no niceties [...]

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