So much has changed in my life since I first wrote for Geisha Diaries back in 2011. New doors have opened and exciting discoveries have graced my life about which I am very excited

I am a Domina and courtesan who never stops learning and growing on a spiritual level because that’s what life is all about.

For those who know me, I used to own a med-spa here in Chicago, Illinois

I decided it was finally time to sell my portion of the store to my business partner and embark upon a master’s program in psychology (it’s never too late to extend one’s education!). As a course of action that came totally natural to me, I began mentoring providers and hobbyists about health and wellness. Around the same time, I moved into a huge in-call and constructed a dungeon & fetish room to host my BDSM and Bondassage™ clients.

So many positive shifts in my life suddenly made way for more extensive private rendezvous which I really didn’t have the opportunity to do when I had my hands full with the med-spa. Don’t get me wrong! I love a good city tour especially since most gentlemen I have the pleasure of meeting aren’t one-hour clients, anyway. I enjoy nothing more than spending a few days or an extended weekend with someone special, getting to know them on so many wonderfully intimate levels.

During the course of my life, I have always been approached by people for all sorts of reasons

Through simple conversation, friends and acquaintances feel comfortable enough to open up and talk to me about what’s on their minds. It might be about special issues, basic aesthetics or personal concerns whether about physical or mental health. I noticed a pattern developing and answered to a personal realization of my inherent calling as a mentor of health restoration.
I often find that women especially want to work on aesthetics. Maybe they like the way I present myself. Whether they realize that I am a transsexual, I do not always know. Men tend to want to be more fit and they admire my vitality. No matter why people come to me I strive to show them that all of their desires and aspirations can all be achieved through a holistic approach, a beautiful marriage of mind, body and spirit.

Restoration begins from within. Wholesome, nutritious food and a proper detoxification are often necessary (which includes eliminating from your life people with toxic energy). It is important to identify some sort of physical movement – beyond sex. Being honest with yourself includes how you see yourself and how others see you according to your presentation. Finding your inner joy is essential! After these steps have been taken, I can then work on the outer self much easier.

After I receive my master’s degree in psychology, I plan to formally and professionally begin working with providers, hobbyists and couples

For so many providers, working in the hobby is an isolating career. Most have no one with whom they feel comfortable talking to about issues related to this lifestyle. For hobbyists, dabbling in the adult world is a forbidden secret about which they often have no one to share their feelings. For couples, I would like to bring a deeper sense of honesty and adventure into their relationships.

It might seem unusual to some folks that as a transsexual I am so comfortable in my skin

I have been told that there is a calmness and sense of peacefulness about me. The way I see it, we are on this earth for a short period of time. I am just grateful to be here and share my joy with those whom I have come in contact and will in the future. I am not for everyone. No one is.

For those who strive to embrace and nurture each others’ joy, the world becomes a beautiful place.

With love, Rachel